So you wanna Crossfit...

So, you've heard about Crossfit and are curious if it's right for you.  The recent explosion of popularity around Crossfit workouts has created a line in the sand.  Some exercisers avoid it due to questionable practices, while others swear Crossfit is the best way to get fit.  While there are pros and cons to any exercise program, working in the proper environment will make all the difference.

First, do you know anyone who is a member of a Crossfit gym (also called a Crossfit "Box")?  Be sure to ask them about their experiences.  What kind of results have they seen?  How is the atmosphere?  Most people are exposed to Crossfit via friends who are already involved in classes.  Indeed, the social aspect is a big reason it has grown in popularity.

Second, get a feel for the culture.  Check out the main CrossFit website and the websites of some local gyms.  Yes, there might be some lingo you are not familiar with.  Some gyms are decidedly "hardcore" while others have a sensible mainstream approach.  

Third, decide how your work, home, and exercise schedules can fit together.  Check out the schedule of classes and see if there are times that you can expect to make consistently.  Also, be sure to factor in the timing with location.  The closer the gym is to your home or workplace, the better.  If you have to drive across town during rush hour, you're committment may be short-lived.  

Fourth, visit.  Be sure before going in that you have a good idea of what you want and need from your workout program and facility.  Are the people friendly and iviting?  Do the classes look like fun or torture?  Inquire about class sizes and the amount of personal attention you can expect to get on a regular basis.  Also, on-boarding and beginner sessions are a must for those with no weightlifting experience.  

It's true that CrossFit works.  However, there are some bad apples in the bunch and many times a particular box or coach just isn't a good fit.  Ensure that the gym you choose, just like any service, is of the quality you expect and will satisfy your individual needs.