There are many uses for a dog play pen. If vacationing, the canine companion has a place to safely romp. If a room in the home is getting renovated, the containment area will keep Rover from roving into dangerous paints, tools and people on ladders. Some pet owners use these corrals to help housetrain their puppies. But not any old puppy pen will do for your pooch.

Collapsible Dog Play PenConsider where you want to use a dog exercise play pen. Will it be just set out in your yard or your home? Or do you want to be able to take it with you? Decide how permanent you want the structure to be. This will help you choose the material that the structure is made out of.

If you want to keep it outside the home, then consider a metal structure with stakes that drive into the ground. If you want to travel, then consider a collapsible, soft-sided one.

When looking at a dog play pen for sale, you need to consider how big your canine companion is. If you have a puppy, you may be tempted to get a small corral now, but the puppy will quickly outgrow it. You also need to consider how many canines will play in the enclosure. If there will be more than two large pooches in the exercise area (weighing fifty pounds or more), then perhaps a run or fencing for the yard would be more economical and beneficial than a portable corral. The minimum size an exercise structure should be for a larger canine is four feet in diameter.

No matter if you are looking at a plastic dog play pen or a metal one, you need to consider just how strong it is. If the canine can knock it over easily, then that's not a very good choice. You can encouragewire dog pen your puppy to stay put by placing toys in there with him that he can only play with while in the enclosure. In this way, the pup learns to associate staying inside the walls as a good thing. Some owners of smaller dogs prefer to get a structure with a top in order to discourage the pet from trying to jump or climb out.

It's best to reduce your choices to an enclosed canine corral that is suited to your specific needs, whether you need to move it often or just keep it in one spot. Your pet needs an enclosed romping area that is suited for her size. But all dogs, no mater what their age, need to be supervised when in a canine corral. The best way to keep Rover in a dog play pen is to make Rover think it is a great place to be.