Choosing a new vacuum cleaner may not be the most exciting purchase that you make. However it is important to buy one that you can have faith in and that will do the important job of keeping your home as clean as possible. For as long as I can remember my mother has always used a Dyson vacuum cleaner. And I am not talking just about a few years here. Realistically it must be at least over 15 years that she has only used Dyson cleaners in the house. In that time she has purchased two or possibly three Dyson upright vacuum cleaners.

This goes to show that they are fairly durable. Assuming that a Dyson cleaner lasts five years, to be honest I think you may be able to use them for longer, then that works out at a yearly cost of under $100 for many of their models. This makes the cost of them seem much more reasonable. And let's face it, it is important to feel that we are getting value for money. When the initial price of a vacuum cleaner is in the region of $500 it seems like a very expensive product. But with Dyson, you really do get what you pay for.

There are a variety of Dyson vacuum cleaners to choose from depending on your own unique circumstances. The three main types that they manufacture are their upright cleaners, their cylinder vacuum cleaner and the smaller handheld cleaners. For cleaning an entire house or apartment realistically the upright and cylinder styles are the only real option. Examples of their upright vacuum cleaners are the DC27 All Floors and the DC25 Animal. Examples of their cylinder cleaners include the DC23T2 and DC19T2 Animal.

So the decision really comes down to which style of cleaner suits you better. The upright cleaners are the all in one solution that make use of Dyson's Ball technology. These cleaners are slightly heavier than the cylinder kind. The cylinder cleaners come with a hand-held cleaning device that is a lighter weight option to clean with when compared to the full size upright cleaners.

Both styles have excellent sucking power thanks to Dyson's Root Cyclone Technology. This means that the vacuums are able to continue to suck at maximum power all the time. This contrasts with other types of vacuum cleaners that typically lose power as time passes due to their bags and filters becoming clogged up with dust and dirt.