Garage Organizing Tips

Storage Ideas for Your Garage

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Garage organizing involves a great deal of proper storage.  A lot of people go wrong when considering the right storage system in their garage overhaul. Somewhere between putting together their team and vacating the garage, they jumped the gun and ran to the warehouse store and purchased shelving. When you buy products too early in the procedure, you are likely to get the wrong things.

Budget is perhaps your first consideration. Made-to-order cabinets are more expensive than shop-bought alternatives. Nevertheless, tailor-made cabinetry perfectly matches exactly what you prefer to store. Built-in cabinets, when left behind once you move, can also contribute to the value of your home.

Custom cabinets can usually be taken off the wall and shipped to the new home provided the cabinets are not overly tall or odd-shaped to suit a specific garage, in which case it will be better to leave them behind. Buying a modular system such as open racks that could be moved around is also a neat option for those who require their storage system to be movable between households.

If you want a spotless garage, built-in cabinets are what you require, which grant a streamlined look. Built-ins also provide cabinet doors that can store your clutter. On the other side, some folks forget what they have when it is stashed away behind cabinet doors, and for them, open shelving would be preferred.

Many people erroneously believe that if they simply have storage shelves, their organizing problems would be worked out. If you rush out and buy shelves and racks but have no total plan for the space or knowledge of the size and amount of items you wish to store, your satisfaction with their purchase would plummet, and thus become frustrated. If you truly like to become organized, you'll invest the time up front to check the items in your garage and classify them effectively to inform your storage decisions.


When you have evaluated the amount and size of items in each class and acquired suitable storage, all you need to do is set up your storage system based on your floor plan and reload.

This is the perfect time to substitute those grocery-store boxes you used to separate your belongings using permanent containers. Getting new storage containers is not a precedence for some folks, and they'll simply put mismatched cardboard boxes onto the shelves and into the cabinets. If you decide to do this, just keep in mind to keep them well labeled. Make sure to keep items that should stay weather safe inside covered bins. Covered plastic bins are tough and pest resistant, and some are also water resistant. Clear bins bear the added advantage of exposing your items so you can easily see the contents at a glimpse.


Commit to a fixed schedule of maintenance for your freshly organized garage. Arrange a semiannual appointment with yourself for a garage tune-up, and you'll protect the order you worked so hard to accomplish. Between tune-ups, quickly putting things away after every use would also help you maintain order. Though a garage overhaul is among the most ambitious projects you may take on, it is one of the most rewarding.