A garden fire pit on your patio means you can use your garden in spring and autumn as well as summer. You can buy square fire pits, round fire pits; you could even build your own octagonal fire pit. Garden fire pits can be used to cook on as well as to give out heat in all directions on chilly evenings.

What is a Garden Fire Pit?

A fire pit burns wood, gel fuel or gas, and gives flames that warm people sitting around it. It creates a wonderful centrepiece for a garden party or just for sitting around on the patio. You can buy fire pits on legs that you can put on the deck or patio. If you are laying a new patio you can buy a stone fire pit that you could use as a heat source for spring and autumn.

What Is the Difference Between a Garden Fire Pit and a Barbecue?

A barbecue gives no flames. It is designed to heat food by the radiant heat that the charcoal ash gives out. A fire pit can burn wood, and when the wood has burned to ash you can use the ash to cook food, like a barbecue.

Why Buy a Garden Fire Pit?

A fire pit is essential to keep warm on cool evenings. It can also be used for cooking, to recapture that campfire taste that you remember from long ago, that burnt sausage taste of your youth.

What Type of Garden Fire Pit Is Best?

If you intend to use your fire pit as a barbecue then buy or build a large one. A square fire pit is best because you can light your fire, get the hot ash you need to cook with in half of the square fire pit and keep wood burning in the down wind half to provide flames and heat to the people sitting around. Alternatively, you could use charcoal in half of a large fire pit and wood in the other half. Lighting the wood only when the cooking is finished to provide a heat source. The flames from the burning wood can blow towards anyone cooking food over the charcoal.

If you live in a smoke-free zone then you will need to buy a calor gas or gel fuelled fire pit.

Can you Build Your Own Garden Fire Pit?

Yes you can, either from kit or by following simple instructions you will find in articles or websites.

Where Should I Put My Garden Fire Pit?

Your fire pit is designed to keep you warm, so you need to put it next to a seating area. It should be far enough from trees and other combustible materials that it poses no fire risk in dry weather.

How Safe is a Garden Fire Pit?

A fire pit is as safe as any source of heat with open flames. You clearly need to supervise children and to take sensible precautions. Built in fire pits are inherently more stable than ones with legs.