Gardeners, just like everyone else, love to receive gifts, and whether they are beginners or seasoned experts now is the perfect time to choose that special something. The holidays give you the opportunity to pick a present they will remember for years to come. And when spring finally arrives they can put the gift to use.
You can get inspiration from many different sources, local garden supply stores, magazines and many great web sites that offer an array of ideas.

Perfect Practical Gardening Gifts

Many local hardware stores and garden supply centers will have a wide variety of practical garden tools and implements.  For the beginner a selection of hand tools may be ideal. Kneeling pads, gloves and watering equipment will always be welcome gifts. For the more advanced gardener think about choosing plants or seeds of some unusual species they have not tried before. Your local garden center should be able to offer advice on this – ask for something a little different. If you are unsure of which plants to buy - a gift card is always an option and can be used for any purchase.

How About a Gift Hamper

These can be purchased already packaged or you could go a step further and buy your own and fill it with gifts you have chosen.  You will be able to choose from a wide variety of items and not be limited to the one store.  For a beginner you could pick up seeds, pots, liquid feed and much more. For the more established gardener, they may like wind chimes, books, solar lights or garden ornaments. The only limit is your imagination, and maybe your budget.

Bountiful Books

Who doesn’t like to receive a book?  Most gardeners refer to books for ideas, inspiration and also expert advice on how to care for their gardens.  Most book stores will carry a huge selection of gardening books, the choices are endless.  You could choose a book on design for those starting out or if they have moved house recently. Specialty books can offer advice on a limited subject, such as, which plants to grow in a certain soil type or climate.  Which plants will grow in the pond, which plants will attract insects and bees? Specialist books can be great sources of information, perfect for all levels of gardeners. Larger book stores will have an area devoted to gardening and you could browse at you leisure to make the perfect choice.

The Busy Bee Gardener

Time saving gifts are perfect gifts for gardeners and a great way to enhance their time spent in the garden. Think about an automatic water sprinkler or slow release food pellets will allow the gardener to enjoy the fruits of his labor. These can also be used when they are going on vacation. And how a about a recliner for when it’s time to relax.

A Little Something Unusual

Want to give something a little more unusual? An exotic plant such as an orchid or a cactus can be a great gift, if somewhat prickly. The common garden gnome is also making a comeback these days in ever more wonderful designs, a little fun for the garden. Think of natural products like bird feeders and birdbaths, they can enhance any gardening experience and can be enjoyed for many years to come.

With a little bit of thought you will be able to make the perfect choice for your gardener. Think a little before you buy anything and you may find something a little bit special.