double camp bed

Even if you love the great outdoors, you probably want to be as comfortable as possible when camping. Getting a camping bed is one of the best purchases you can make when buying camping equipment. Camping beds, such as air beds or bunk beds are a great comfort for those who don't really enjoy sleeping on the ground.

When you are looking for a camping bed, the first thing you should consider is the size. It should be no larger than 3/4 the size of your tent. If your camping bed is too large, then you will not be able to easily maneuver around your tent and you will have less room for storage space.

Another thing you should look for is an air camping bed that already comes with the air pump and a hole repair kit. Make sure you have the correct attachment or converter to use the air pump correctly. If you get all the way to your camp site and you have no way to inflate your bed, then it is useless. You may end up using your lung power to air up your bed and that is exhausting.

A folding camp bed can be very useful when you are trying to maximize your space. If you don't have a very large tent and you need plenty of room for storage, a folding camp bed might be the right one for you. It can easily be folded in the trunk of your car and then taken out only when you need to use it. This type of bed may also be called a camping cot.

The cot style bed is preferred to get the maximum insulation from the ground. Especially when you are camping in the cold weather then you do not want to sleep directly on the ground as the ground is freezing cold. You can have the thickest foam mattress pad available but if you are still on the ground you may still be cold.

Most campers prefer air beds that they can blow up at the beginning of the camping trip and then put away when they are ready to travel home. These are usually the ultimate camping beds since they are so comfortable to sleep on. If you have never used a camping bed before, try one of the air beds first. They are easy for beginners to use and last quite a while.