If you are considering creating your own website, many ask how I choose a host for my website.  Considering you’re going to make a website you want to be sure you are satisfied with your host because if you not, it is going to be a big darn deal.

There are literally hundreds of website hosts available. Each has advantages and disadvantages. How do you determine which one will fit your needs and your budget without sacrificing quality or content?

Imagine that you have built a client base or a web following and need to change your website host? You could be in trouble and imagine all of your hard work for nothing. Will my clients follow me or find me if I have to change my host? Can they find me?

You could also lose clients if you choose the incorrect host. Server issues or not being able to access your site or features when you or your clients need to could be disastrous for your business or services provided. Is website host staff there when you need help? All of these questions are critical when selecting a host for your site. These are some considerations that should be made when determining which web host you should consider for your website.

  • Cost per month

What budget are you working with? Some hosts are a couple of dollars per month while others are thousands of dollars. Be careful with only considering costs when selecting a host. When considering costs, look into things such as server location, how much bandwidth you will receive for the costs or how much you need. Also plan for the future when making your decision of what your bandwidth needs are. You may not have to look 20 years down the road, but at least consider the next 2-3 years.

  • Reliability and speed of host

Each host has various abilities. These will frequently change over time as the host will grow over time. If your needs require a host to be as fast as the speed of light and up 100% of the time, you will pay for these luxuries. If you are ok with the standard 99.85% that is the industry norm uptime, you are fine with what is available online. There are some very stable and efficient hosts that don’t cost very much obtainable for you.

  • Control panel of a host

What kinds of tools are offered with your web host? As a webmaster, are you tech savvy and don’t mind taking care of a lot of the automation or creation of programming or do you need to have these things performed for you so you can work on your services and content? This will be a critical factor in selecting your host.

  • Support staff

The largest grievances toward web hosts are lack of support when you need it most. If you want to test the support level of a host, try calling them at different times of the day or night before you go with them. Where they available, did you have to send an email and wait 48 hours to hear back? These are thing that could make or break a deal.

These guidelines should be utilized when you are determining whether or not a web host is right for you and your website. Make the most of this information for your business to succeed. Your reputation and business will be on the line with the host that is supporting your website.