Many first-time travels to Europe do not know how to choose a hostel that is right for them. They tend to stay at places that are either overpriced or bound to be a bad experience.

Most hostels offer various choices for the number of people in a room. Some hostels have rooms with over a dozen beds. These are the cheapest rooms in the hostel; however, they are also the least sleeper friendly. If one is looking to sleep well at decent times, that person should stay away from dorm rooms that may be filled with a large number of people. Large dorm rooms, however, do provide guests with an opportunity of meeting other travelers.

The fewer beds in a room, the more likely a person is to get a good night's sleep. Furthermore, when traveling with a few friends, booking rooms at hostels with the exact number of beds or a few more is the best bet. One is more likely to have the experience that he/she is looking for.

Many people shy away from hostels because they think that they will have to share a bathroom with others. With checking out hostels, one should always see if a private bathroom is attached to the room. This gives the guest a more hotel-like experience.

Most European hostels do not offer an American-type breakfast; however, a complimentary breakfast from the hostel can be the difference between hostels. It is wiser to choose a hostel that costs a couple extra dollars that has breakfast included than a hostel that is a little cheaper that does not have breakfast. Worrying about where to eat breakfast or what to have for breakfast takes away precious time from experiencing the city.

Location is very important in choosing a hostel. Before choosing a cheaper hostel on the outskirts of the city, travelers should do their research on how easy it is to reach the center of the town from that hostel.

Finally, when choosing a hostel, one should also check the reviews of a hostel before booking it. Comments are frequently left that might help a guest determine whether a particular hostel is right for him/her. Comments might discuss the friendliness of the staff, the quality of the breakfast, and the water temperature. These comments might also tell whether the hostel is a party hostel or not. Take these comments into consideration by those who stayed at the hostel.