How to choose a web hosting service to host your forum?

Choosing the right web hosting company to host a forum could a very frustrating experience. If you look at the ads, most hosting providers seems to be much suitable for your requirements. However, there are many cases where the servers providing a great service, just to attract glances - selling too many shared servers, providing a low quality service, not responding promptly to issues, etc.

These Experiences lead to new research by a new web hosting companies. The best way to avoid this mishap is to get the right information and know the basics of web hosting. This Web Hosting Guide will try to take you on a journey through the steps, to make it easier for you to choose a web hosting service to host your own forum.

Basics of Web Hosting:

Since the business world is becoming more dependent on Internet, choosing a web hosting service for business has become very much important. A bad choice can ruin your business completely. You may have to choose a good web hosting for various purposes, such as to create a website for online business, make a personal page, or share data with all employees worldwide. Whatever the reason, your choice will be critical. One should not focus only on price, but also the things like quality of service and network connectivity should also be considered.

Now, that you have some idea about the basics, can we move to the strategies and methods you can use to find the best and reliable hosting company for your requirements.

Even with a list of some best web hosting companies, you may still need answers to a number of questions, so you can make the final decision. These questions will be the related mostly to your own requirements like amount of web space and bandwidth you will need for the expansion of your business.

For hosting a forum, there is a simple rule. Usually a forum requires a bandwidth of about 50 Gb per month and about  10 GB of storage space as the users will keep increasing. If you have a forum where users discuss software problems, probably you will not need much disk space, since it uses only a limited number of images. Dramatically, the situation changes if the question is a forum where users discuss the latest models of cars. In this, the images will consume plenty of web space and your requirements will increase much. Generally, a web hosting company will guide you based on your needs, and you can choose a hosting plan in accordance with them.

Stability is the Key:

Moving a website from one server to another can be a nightmare, leading to periods often, when the website is out of service, loss of data and a number of other issues, that may prove to be harmful to your business. Therefore, stability should be one of the major criterion's, when choosing a web hosting provider.

So try to find a well established web hosting company. Be sure to check out the context and talk to existing customers to see if they are satisfied with the service provided. If in doubt, it's not risk. The risk is not worth the effort you can save on the search.

Price Factor:

This is definitely the deciding factor for most of the beginners. How much money will need to pay depends on your disk space and bandwidth requirements. The web hosting is usually sold in packages based on a combination of these three options:

  • Shared Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • VPS Hosting

You must make the decision based on your budget and the size of the forum.

Details about the above options:

Shared Hosting – Shared hosting is a solution where a server is shared by thousands of websites. This is the cheapest option if the budget is the main concern. However, performance may suffer, since many sites will compete for server resources continuously. This site may result in a slow-running and other issues. Also, you get a limited access to the server.

Dedicated Hosting – Having a dedicated server on the other hand gives you the best performance at a high cost. Since, there is only one site on the server, there is no sharing of resources by other sites. A dedicated hosting requires to have a good technical and server management knowledge to manage the server. Alternatively, you can opt for a managed hosting solution and ask the web hosting provider to manage the server for you and get rid of the server management tasks.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) – This solution is a combination of the two different solutions mentioned above. Here you get your own dedicated resources so that you don't have to compete for them continuously. This options offers you the advantage of both, low-cost and complete control and flexibility over the virtual private server.

Service Factor:

This is another decisive factor that helps in finding out the best web hosting company for hosting your forum. Good service and 24/7 technical support forms the backbone of hosting service. Since, large number of customer base is a good indicator of the stability and quality of web hosting provider, you can safely choose them.

If your web hosting provider has too many customers, the service for your forum may become slow due to the competition for resources on the server. Ensures to test the skills of the company's technical support team. Take followup of existing customers and ask them about reliability of the provider.

  • How quickly they provider solutions to issues occurred?
  • How good are the solutions provided?
  • Are the technicians always available on the phone?
  • How much is the response time for replying the tickets?
  • Do they make service a priority or have a tendency to apologize?

Answers to the above questions will give you a good idea, which provider is best for your requirements.

Finding a good web hosting company could be a daunting task, however the above guide will help you considerably. Remember one thing – choosing a hosting company is like getting married. Divorce is a complicated subject for which it is best not to have it! You business completely depends on them. Make your final decision only after weighing all the pros and cons.