Every family wants one, but where are you going to put a full-size freezer-unit if you buy one, and equally important, how are you going to find things inside it?

Today, there are two main types of large freezers.  Each comes with specified capacity, conveniences, storage solutions like dividers or baskets, energy efficiency, and of course, price. Detailed below are the specifications of each type of large freezer-unit to give you a better understanding of how they differ from one another below:

Chest Freezers

This is the most common and economical type of large freezer-unit because every space is usable. They have the ability to hold cold temperatures longer due to the built-in side wall insulation.

Large chest freezers are becoming more modern with options of either manual defrost, frost free, or automatic defrost system.  Choosing to go with large chest freezers, bear in mind to select a location first before making any purchase.  You should also consider the pathway to your selected location as tight doors are usually the problem.  There should also be enough head room to fully open the freezer-unit door.

Here are some of the important things you need to know, as well as the benefits of large chest freezers:

  • Small but deep chest freezer-units pose a hazard when reaching for items located on the bottom part while a wider chest freezer allows items to be easily located and reached resulting in lesser opening time.
  • They come with several removable baskets for easier segregation of frozen foods keeping your large freezer-unit neat, tidy, and organized.
    • Flexibility in storing foods of different sorts and sizes.
    • Extra removable baskets can readily be purchased for a more organized chest freezer.
    • Retains cold air better than any other type of freezer-unit.
    • Food value is better preserved because it prevents freezer burn.
    • External controls are preferred to minimize opening the freezer lid.

On the other hand, here are the well-known disadvantages of a large chest freezer-unit:

  • Organizing food without extra storage baskets can be a challenge (Read impossible)
  • Reaching frozen foods placed on the bottom can be difficult especially if you are short

 Upright Freezers

This type of freezer-unit is generally more expensive yet it provides lesser storage capacity.  To give you a more complete and detailed specifications about large upright freezers, read the list below:

  • This has more convenient features like auto defrost that greatly prevents ice build-up.
  • Makes frozen foods easier to organize with better monitoring.
  • Rotating frozen foods is easier done as compared to frozen foods in a chest freezer-unit.
  • This has more versatile storage systems like removable and adjustable storage bins, shelving, or pullout baskets.  These all contribute to keeping a large upright freezer tidier making sorting and storing a breeze.
  • They take less location space than large chest freezer-units making them perfect for houses with limited spaces.

Here are the known disadvantages of upright freezers:

  • They are expensive costing about one third more than chest freezers
  • They are not as energy efficient as chest freezers are
  • They do not have the ability to keep foods frozen for long once the power goes out

Which Is Better?

In every decision, experts suggest figuring out your needs first and try to go from there.  Since you now know all the basic details of a chest and upright freezers, coming to a decision on which to choose can be easier. Weigh the pros and cons carefully and you will come to a great decision as to which one you should purchase for your home or business.