In terms of wedding plans, the venue is a key consideration. The type of venue selected by a couple can influence the atmosphere and the look of the wedding ceremony, as well as the meal and the reception. Virtually every facet of a wedding is influenced by the choice of venue, so couples should think carefully. It's hard to book many of these venues as it is, with large waiting lists, tight schedules and deposits demanded, and inLondonthis can often be an even bigger problem.



The crucial factor governing the choice of wedding venue is usually the amount of people who are intending to attend. Typically, anyone invited to the wedding is invited to the reception, so it can often make sense to use the same or similar-size venues for the ceremony and the reception. Other couples will sometimes use a much larger capacity venue for the wedding reception and invite extra guests.



It's important to keep a realistic expectation about costs, as there is usually much more to pay for than simply the venue hire. Most venues will charge a ser price per head for food and drink, on top of the cost of the wedding venue hire. And don't forget there are also additional costs, such as entertainment, photography, invitations, flowers and clothes.



Once you have selected a wedding venue inLondonwhich suits your need, there are yet more important decisions to make and aspects to consider:



How many people are coming tom your wedding?



Do you want the wedding ceremony and reception to be held in the same venue?



Have you considered all the available options in terms of potentialwedding venues in London? It could be worth considering churches and registry offices as well as gardens, conservatories, or any building which rents space. There are some essential features which a wedding venue will need though, such as sufficient car parking and travel facilities for your guests.



Ensure that the reception venue is within a reasonable distance of the wedding ceremony venue, and ensure that it is going to be easy for guests to find. It is also a good idea to investigate whether there is some good accommodation nearby for guests who have to travel a long distance, although inLondonyou'd be hard pressed to find a wedding venue which didn't have appropriate accommodation nearby. Another expense which might not occur to those organising their first wedding, is decorations. Sometimes a wedding venue will decorate as part of the service, while for others you will need to turn up early and put up those decorations, as well as taking them down afterwards.



Finding aLondon wedding venue can be tough, so make sure that you choose one which suits all your needs.