There are so many majors out there to choose from sometimes it seems endless. How are you supposed to choose just one (or two if you are adventurous) to make your focus in school? Some might think that your major determines what your career will be; this is not always the case. My oldest sister got her BA in psychology from UCLA and she is now a teacher for children that have mental and physical disabilities. Not exactly the career she pictured for herself but it works! Today I am going to give you a few tips on choosing a major that is right for you.

The common belief is that you should major in something that you love; I have come to realize that this is not the case for everyone. Just because you love something does not mean that you should major in it; for example I love to dance. I enjoy it and I am actually very good at it BUT I do not like to practice and because I am such a quick learner I never really have to. However, being a good dancer involves a lot more than knowing the choreography; it involves having good technique and extension. Not to mention the discipline to have a healthy diet. Unfortunately I am not willing to put in the work and time to become a great dancer which in turn means dance is not the major for me. You should major in something you enjoy, yes but you should also consider if you are willing to work to perfect yourself in the major that you chose

Another way to choose a major is to figure out what you are good at. If you can play the guitar really well and you want to major the music and you are willing to work to become the best musician you can be then go for it! I figured out that dance was not something I should major in so I had looker deeper and find out what else I was good at and what I actually like doing. I stumbled onto communications when I took my Introduction to Public Speaking course. I am a very good public speaker and I enjoy but I also love to practice my speeches, which makes me even better. When you find something you like to work at and you enjoy doing; find people that are doing the same thing you love to do. I joined the forensics team (speech and debate, not dead people) when I changed my major to communications and hanging out with people who have the same interest I do pushes me to want to do better.

The complement to this is to try as many things as you can because this will not only give you options but it will give you some insight into what you do and do not like. I am not saying switch your major every week like I did but do not put yourself in a box. Make the most of your college experience; it will go much faster if you do something that you are good at and you enjoyI hope this post informed you and how to pick the right major for you! Thanks for reading!! 

Good Luck!