Mens Invicta Watches offer the best in value and style and for that reason are becoming more and more popular among the fashion conscious crowd. Invicta is a Swiss watch company that has been known for generations for making quality Swiss timepieces and chronometers. Under new management, Invicta has recently gone through a whole re-branding of their watches and in particular their divers watches. Because Invicta has such a large and diverse selection of mens watches and because they're priced affordably, it's difficult to choose a mens invicta watch to buy.

Invicta's style is known for the enormous watch face on the time piece. Many of Invicta's mens watches have an oversized watch face that not only makes it way easier to see the time with just a glance at your wrist, but it also grabs the attention of all who are around. These types of watches feed into the male ego stereotype that bigger is manlier and that a real man will rock a huge watch. That being said, there are only certain types of men who can pull this off. Because these watch faces are so big they have the tendency to make a normal man's wrist look puny and that's not manly at all. And if you've smaller than average wrists, forget about it. However, if you're wrist (and ego) are up to the challenge these finely polished and flashy watches will give a real confidence boost in any fashion necessary situation (big business meeting, first date, etc.).

Not all of the Invicta's mens watches are obscenely large. Some of their watches, such as some of the watches in the Men's Pro Diver Collection, have beautiful normal-sized watch faces that provide a classy and professional look. These watches are more in line with the popular watches that you find from Fossil and Citizen. Invicta also has a couple of watches that resemble some very expensive watches. Besides being "imitation" in nature, these watches look just like the real thing – everything from the bezel to the coin edge on the adjustment knob to the real automatic movement that requires daily winding. This style is a perfect practice watch for anyone who wants to own an expensive Rolex or Tag Heuer.

The other big style that Invicta is famous for is their Russian Diver series. This collection features a (not monstrous) large watch face that allows you to tell the time with a quick glance at your watch. It also features a canteen style screw cap and chain on the adjustment dial. While this is not functional, it's the coolest features I've ever seen on a watch and it definitely draw attention to the time piece. This style has a variety of styles and price points so if it's something you're in to, you'll be able to find one you both love and can afford. For the record, these watches are water resistant but I can't think of any divers who would actually wear this for diving.

As you can see there are a lot of styles out there so it can be difficult to find the best mens invicta watch for you. Whether you're in the market for a nice new watch and like Invicta's fresh bold style or you're just window shopping because you have too many watches already, you'll find some pretty great deals on mens invicta watches across the internet. Being so affordable, these watches make a great addition to any man's collection and after all it's hard to resist the allure of a mens invicta watch.