Messenger Bags for Men

Choosing a men's messenger bag for work or school should be fairly easy. Messenger bags were once dubbed the man purse. However, man purse or stylish messenger bag, they are what's hot and for a reason. Messenger bags, whether they are for work or school, come in all sizes, colors, and styles. Part of the draw of the guys messenger bag is that they are very well made. The stylish and trendy messenger bag for men was developed out of the actual bags carried by messengers throughout history. Even the Pony Express workers used over the shoulder messenger bags for deliveries. The goal of making a versatile bike messenger bag resulted in many different styles of men's bags.

Leather Messenger Bag for Men

Messenger bags for men are extremely stylish. One of the sleekest style of messenger bags for men are the leather messenger bags. Leather messenger bags for men have a wide price range. It depends on your financial ability as to what you want to spend choosing and buying a leather men's messenger bag for work or school. If you are starting a new job and want to show up with an expensive leather messenger bag then some of the companies you would shop at Armani and buy the Giorgio Armani GA Logo Men's Black Messenger for $795.00 on sale at Amazon. That is an example of a very high priced leather men's messenger bag, an Armani messenger bag. There are other leather messenger bags priced anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars, depending on the leather quality and company, to leather messenger bags that are under $100. Almost every major company makes their own men's messenger bags, from Hugo Boss, Gucci, Fossil, and other stores with more affordable leather messenger bags for men.

Canvas Messenger Bags for Men

The messenger bag fabric, and the maker, will largely dictate the price. If you are shopping for a high end bag then there are Fossil, Kenneth Cole, and a lot of other brands of bags available, including organic hemp bags. Canvas messenger bags are affordable as well like those from Case Logic, Levi Strauss, and LL Bean. Price can often depend of the size. If you are looking for a laptop messenger bag then make sure the bag will fit. Some of them specify 17 inch bags or smaller ones for carrying iPads or Kindles. Regardless of the fabric, if you buy a canvas men's messenger bag at an expensive store the price will likely follow. Men's canvas messenger bags are build to last. The original courier bags were made out of canvas. The canvas messenger bag designs run from sleek to ruggged and are more likely to be cheaper than leather messenger bags. Laptop, travel, work, and school messenger bags made out of canvas are great choices regardless of carrying personal grooming supplies or books and supplies for college classes. Messenger bags are nice for school because they do not overwhelm and ache the back like backpacks do.

The nice thing about choosing a men's messenger bag for work or school is that they are really so versatile that you can use it for work, school, and leisure. Depending on the style of men's messenger bag that you buy, it will hold all the things that you need. You can get a messenger bag that holds the laptop, iPod, iPad, cell phone/smartphone, pens, voice recorders, papers, and other supplies. The iPad bags are really popular with all the tablet computer, netbooks, and other small electronics that need protection when traveling. Whether you are buying the messenger bag for yourself or someone else, it also makes a great gift. Messenger bags for kids are super birthday presents. The messenger bag is also a great gift for women and teenagers, both boys and girls, because it is a nice unisex item. Giving the gift of a messenger bag for the holidays or Christmas is an excellent idea.