Bridal Gown PhotographCredit: Flickr/Cara Photography

Coming up with a name for your new photography business can be a daunting task. You may have what you think is a cool and clever name, but in reality it may be a well over used name. You may decide to use your last name with the word photography, but is your last name common, or easy to remember?

Smith Photography is easy to remember, but Smith is too common. You may choose to use your last name and call it Rzepczynski Photography. Rzepczynski is a unique name that is not common like Smith, yet your potential customers will definitely have a hard time when they try to remember your name to give you a call.

Using your last name or even your full name is a great way to name you photography business, but it also depends a lot on if your name is common or hard to spell.

Other options available to you when trying to come up with photography business names is to use something related to your area of expertise or geographic location. If you are a Photographer in Destin Beach then it would be wise to use something related to Destin Photography. If your expertise is weddings you may choose San Diego Wedding Photography is you live in the San Diego area.

The problem with using San Diego Wedding Photography is that your businesses is limited by the name. What if you wanted to expand your business into new niches such as Quinceanera photography or boudoir photography?  It is easier to expand your business in the future if you have a unique name that is more general to photography.

Instead of San Diego Wedding photography you can choose to use one of the geographic locations of Southern California locations and implement that into a new name. Possible photography business names in this area are endless but could include:

  • Ocean Breeze Photography
  • Sandy Boardwalk Photography
  • Aztec Photography

 Stupid names are these names like hair salons always seem to use. You think they are cute and memorable but in reality they are just plain stupid names. Stupid photography business names for this area could include:

  • Mi Photographer Es Su Photographer
  • Native Digital Imagers of Southern California
  • Don't Ask Don't Tell Photography

 A photography business name should be easy to remember and spell, as well as being generic enough that you can expand into other photographic realms if you choose to. Would you hire a company called San Diego Bridal Photography to come and take pictures of your son’s soccer game? Probably not unless you were already familiar with that photographer.

 If you want to put an emphasis on your photography as artwork and market yourself as an artist then you should use your full name such as Bob Smith Photography, however if you want to run a photography company that takes pictures for people then you should not name your company after yourself.

 You need a unique photography business name that will allow you to grow your business out of your local region if you ever choose to as well as allowing you to market to different market segments such as Boudoir Photography, maternity photography, and even automotive photography.