Registering a domain name is a fairly simple process. The issue occurs when you must select where to register your domain. Selecting a registrar for your domain is the difficult part. To avoid the snares that can occur, this information has been accumulated for review and to assist you on your journey.

Network Solutions had a monopoly on domain registering and lost their stranglehold on this title in 1998. Currently you have numerous registrars available to select from. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Consider the following when selecting a registrar for your domain.

Verify if the registrar is ICANN accredited. ICANN has a website available with accredited domains.

Price is a consideration for nearly everything associated with a new business or investment. Fees for registration can differ significantly. They can be free to $35 per year for each domain name. The registrars typically pay approximately $6 a year for each name registered; obviously you are being overcharged if you are paying the $35 price. Most places that can offer lower prices make up for this difference in other ways. If you are paying more than $6 for each name, you may want to shop around.

Do you have any control over your domain with the registrar? Controls (technical issues or billings)? Do they offer you a deal if you pay for one full year up front? Some registrars may offer you up to 50% off the monthly fee for paying one year in advance.

Owning the domain name is something that should be carefully researched before registering. Some of the shady online services may give you usage of your domain but not ownership. The difference can be one of the most critical depending upon what you are attempting to do with the name. There are many that purchase domain names to sell them.

Imagine purchasing a domain name and finding a company with that name that is interested in purchasing the name from you at a premium fee. You would be interested in selling. However, if you don’t own it, you cannot sell the domain. You may want to move it to another registrar and find out you were only using the domain and not owning it after you have built your business around it. Therefore, be certain that you actually own the domain you are registering.

Another trick these shady companies will do is find great domain names that they are allowing you to use and they decide to sell and make you purchase the domain from them. This may be the only time you determine that you don’t own the domain name.

Can you easily change the DNS server with the registrar you are using? Manage more than one? Every registrar has their own system. Consider what you would like to do down the road as well as where you are now.

Customer support is always vital when electing an online service. Great customer service is essential for any provider. Customer support is essential in your registrar. Review feedback and online reviews and rankings. There are many online for the top registrar sites.

Numerous registrars may have additional fees that are charged to customers. For example, if you want to transfer to another provider of service you may have to pay a substantial fee, changing records or updating them and parking fees (you are currently not using the name but holding it for now). Any good registrar will offer these to you free of charge.

Remember to choose a domain name that is great. After you have chosen a domain name, it’s yours. Choose well. Do careful research when selecting a name. You want to choose a popular one and one that is popular. If you can do both of these and follow these suggestions, you will succeed in the beginning of a great website or selling the domain for a very good price.