A blind date can cause a lot of apprehension and all care should be taken to meet in a neutral place where both parties are comfortable. The best place to meet is in a restaurant and some of the guides given here will prove to be of great help. Choose a restaurant that is in a good neighborhood as this will reflect greatly on you. It is easier for a person living in downtown to visit a high end neighborhood than it is the other way round. Avoid choosing a very expensive restaurant unless you are footing the bill. It can be very embarrassing when you cannot cover your costs and are thrown out or worse detained by the management.

Opt for an eating place that is not noisy and has a good sitting area. This way you will not have to shout across the table to be heard and you will also have quality time.  If possible choose a place where the drinking area is separate from the dining area if your partner does not drink. If drinks are sold in the premises, go for the no smoking zone in case they cannot stand cigarette smoke. For the sake of safety, always choose to meet in the open.

Avoid secluded and quiet areas of a restaurant as you do not know your date very well. Stay in the public area where everyone can see you and you can seek help if things go wrong. Discuss with your date their preferences and come up with a restaurant that is accessible to both of you. If it is possible meet half way to your homes or close to where you work.

It is tempting to want to stay in your comfort zone but it gives the impression that you are inconsiderate and self centered. Try restaurants that have a wide variety of foods to choose from. This will ensure that both of you order what you are comfortable with and if one has food allergies, they have a choice. Read different restaurant reviews to guide you in making a choice. Consult your date before making the final decision. If you can, visit the place and have a meal there with your blind date. The weather is also a determinant and should influence your location. Avoid open restaurants during the rainy season or in cold weather and instead opt for them during warm days.