Paint Color

When choosing a room color, you need to take in consideration which room you are painting, and the mood you want to create in that room. Many people just choose a color they like, but end up feeling uncomfortable in that room after it is all finished. Put a little thought into how the color will make you feel before painting. Read on to find out what emotions specific colors evoke, so that you can create the right mood and feeling in your newly painted room.

What you will need:

* Information on what colors evoke a certain mood or emotion.


First of all, decide which room you are going to paint. Is it the bathroom, your bedroom, kitchen, living room, or a child's room? You will probably want to have a different feel or emotion in each of these rooms.

Decide what mood or emotion you want to have in the chosen room.

Now, choose a paint color based on these tips.

Yellow is a light and happy color. It makes you feel cheery. It is great for kitchen's , where most people start out their day.

Blue is calming and serene. It is great for bedrooms or bathrooms. The lighter the blue, the more serene it is.

Reds evoke passion or anger. This may be great to evoke passion in your bedroom, but watch out for the anger part. Try not to fight in the bedroom

Green is relaxing and stress relieving. It evokes a feeling of nature and being outside. It is great for any room.

White is a wonderful color for bathrooms. It gives a feeling and mood of cleanliness, calm, and serenity.

Orange evokes enthusiasm and playfulness. It gives you more energy.