Choosing a school for your child could seem like a simple thing to do.  A lot of people might think that sending their children to the nearest school is the best decision. After all they will have friends living nearby who they can play with out of school hours, and schools are all pretty much the same anyway....aren't they?

Well after looking round numerous schools for my children both for primary and secondary education, I would have to say that schools are certainly not the same and that making the decision about school to choose has been one of the hardest in their lives.  After all they spend so much of their day in school and the results they get at the end are so important, that the school the parent chooses for them is really important.

Education is the key to getting a good job, and so if your child isn't pushed hard enough in school and they don't achieve their full potential, then they may not get the job that they really deserve.   Therefore you want to make sure that the school you choose gets the most out of your child. However, educational factors are not the only thing that you need to consider.  How about the other children that go there, are they the type of children that you want yours to be friends with?  Are the teachers good, are they approachable, and do they understand that there is more to your child than the results that they produce at the end of the year?

The best way to decide which school to choose is to go and visit several schools of different types. Visit a small village school and a large town school.  Visit one that is results orientated and one that values the 'whole child'. See which you think will suit your child (or children) the best.  If you feel that a school will be able to cater well for their needs then this is a good start. Make sure you are able to ask the head any questions before you make up your mind as you will want them to be approachable for when any problems arise in the future.

This decision could make or break your childs future whether it be primary school or secondary school. However, remember that children are adaptable and will be able to fit in to many situations.  A clever child will still do well, even in a school that doesn't push them so hard as long as you give them lots of encouragement at home. Ultimately you will want your child to enjoy their school experience and be happy with where they go.  You need to make sure that the school you choose is the one where they will feel most comfortable rather than the one that suits your needs.