You can enjoy a great coffee experience with the award-winning Senseo Coffee Maker SL7810_65. This 1 cup coffee maker comes in a very distinct design which makes it stand out from other single serving coffee maker. But it doesn't stop there! With Senseo coffee maker, you are sure to get freshly brewed and tasty cup of coffee any time you like.

Preparing a cup of gourmet coffee has never been easier. With a one-touch button functionality and use of pre-measured coffee pods, what you will get is a consistently flavorful cup in sixty seconds. With a removable reservoir capable of holding up to five coffee servings, you can enjoy with friends and family cups after cups of a wide variety of gourmet coffee flavors. Just flick the on/off button and choose either one or two cup setting, and you are on your way to coffee heaven.

Cleaning is never a hassle as well because all the removable parts of this single serving coffee maker are dishwasher safe. The Senseo coffee maker uses a mild pressure system to heat the water consistently at 205 degrees Fahrenheit. Using the same system, water is pushed and uniformly distributed to the coffee pod. The brewed coffee is then expelled out to the frothing chamber for aeration. What you will get is a wonderfully-tasting, cream-filled top cup of coffee in under a minute.

Senseo Coffee Maker Features

  • The first single serving coffee maker that makes a fresh, dependable cup of gourmet coffee in less than a minute
  • The Senseo coffee maker is super quick and easy to use
  • Prepares high-quality, great-tasting first-class coffee offered in assortment varieties to fit every taste
  • Customizable to make sure you get precisely the cup of coffee you want each and every time
  • Transforming the at-home coffee by making the gourmet cup of coffee at the touch of a button
  • Good-looking solution for the coffee lover in search of convenience without forgoing their taste
  • Particularly designed pre-measured pods which means practically no clean-up
  • Sleek, contemporary design that is available in five colors: cobalt blue, black, white, and red
  • Measures 13-1/2 by 12 by 8-1/2 inches
  • Consist of two pod holders: a thin holder that holds one coffee pod for one cup, and a deeper filter that holds two pods for two cups (or one 8-ounce mug).
  • Up to five 4 ounce cups capable of being brewed on one reservoir of water
  • All detachable parts are dishwasher-safe
  • Comes with a two-year limited warranty

Where Can I Purchase a Senseo Coffee Maker for a Great Deal?

Senseo Coffee MakerMany people seem to be purchasing products online nowadays more than ever. After searching around for the best online deal, I found this Senseo coffee maker on Amazon for only $49.99 and it can even be shipped to your house for free. Now if you ask me, you can't beat a price and convenience like that. Bear in mind, prices do change from time to time and this 1 cup coffee maker may not always be available for this price.

After I finished my online search for the best deal on this single serving coffee maker, I checked in to some other places for those of you who had rather go out and buy it at your local retail store as opposed to ordering online. As it turns out Walmart sells this same Senseo coffee maker for $69.

What Customers are Saying Positive About the Senseo Coffee Maker

If you want to know how impressive the Senseo coffee maker is, take this comment from a picky couple who are doubtful of a 1 cup coffee maker. "From the very beginning we were impressed with the Senseo. Push a button and 90 seconds later the water for coffee is at temperature. Push another button and you have a fresh cup of delicious hot coffee, complete with a nice 'creama' … The resulting cup of coffee is really good - rich, hot, flavorful and frothy."

If the Senseo coffee machine can turn a doubter to a believer, here's what long-time owners-and there are plenty of them-say about this awesome Senseo coffee maker. A proud owner of Senseo coffee maker who has it for four years exclaims, "It makes the best coffees… just as good as what I get at a drive-thru except I can enjoy anytime in my own home."

Another user who has owned one for three years now shares, "Mine has a hinge broken on one side of the top where you clamp down on the pod… I am still using it until it breaks completely. I LOVE this coffee maker and it doesn't take up much counter space versus those other brands. That's important as I live in a motor coach with limited counter space."

Here's another testament to this single serving coffee maker's longevity and reliability, "Purchased this Senseo years ago, and it still works great. It lives in my RV, where I use it frequently to make a tasty cup of joe. It works great, makes consistently tasty coffee. What's not to like?"

And how about this one from a coffee convert, "I'm usually more of a tea drinker than a coffee drinker, but this machine is pushing me more towards the coffee side. Excellent brew! The result is a great cup of coffee with a nice head of foam. Fast, easy to use, and a great cup of coffee. Can't ask for more than that in a coffee maker." For all the Senseo coffee machine's nice features, nothing beats a great coffee experience, "What a great way to start the day. We call it "fuzzy coffee" because of the foam on top. Every time we serve the coffee, everyone selects their own and delights in their own "special blend" being served to them. It takes just seconds to brew and each cup of coffee is delightful."

What Customers are Saying Negative About the Senseo Coffee Maker

Some customers have noticed "plasticky" taste to their coffee, especially when just taken out of the box. Well, this is nothing much that a good washing with vinegar can get rid of as one reviewer confirms when his mom washed his Senseo coffee maker.

Recommending the Senseo Coffee Maker

Doubters, converts, loyal devotees-and we're not talking about religion or prophet here; just a simple single serving coffee maker called the Senseo coffee maker SL7810/65 which blends awesome coffee! If you are a coffee-lover and not a Senseo follower yet, then it's time for you to contemplate. You will never go astray with the Senseo coffee maker.