Now is the time to buy a snowboard. If you have been thinking about buying your first snowboard then there is no better time then right now. Rates are generally steeply discounted on snowboards during the summer months. As demand for snowboards drops off during the summertime, prices also tend to decrease. When the winter snow starts falling demand for new snowboards jumps as does the prices back to near retail levels.


If you are new to snowboarding it is highly recommended you take a few snowboarding lessons at a ski mountain. Learn to do the basics with a snowboard and then advance your skill levels with further lessons.

Use a rental snowboard from the ski resort as part of your lessons. You can also use the rental snowboards when you actually begin to snowboard the mountain. Keep at it and ask your snowboard instructor for as much advice, hints, and tips as possible.

Rental Snowboards

Once you have advanced to either an intermediate snowboarding level or an Advanced Beginner then you can go down to your local snowboard shop. With all of the knowledge you gleamed from the snowboard lessons you may have a pretty good idea of what your are looking for in a snowboard.

Once you have narrowed down your choices of snowboards to buy you can then rent one of them from the shop. Take it out to the mountain for a weekend of snowboarding. See how you like the feel of the board. The following weekend rent another one of your choices.

You do not want to buy a snowboard that does not feel right or limits you. By renting the snowboard you are looking to buy you can learn with actual hands on experience if that particular snowboard is for you or not.

Once you have rented and tried out the exact snowboard you want to by then head back to the ski shop and order up the snowboard.


Once you have found the board you want to buy and have actually used it by renting a similar one for the weekend you are ready to buy the snowboard. You may have to have the shop order the snowboard if they do not have it in stock.

Many snowboards come with various graphics. You may be able to buy the same board you rented but have different graphic son the board to fit more your style.

Never order a snowboard and buy one simply because you thin it looks cool. Always choose form before function when purchasing a snowboard.

Resale Value

If after a season or two of using your snowboard you may decide to upgrade it to a new or different model. Many shops will take in your used snowboard and offer you a credit towards purchasing a new snowboard.


Snowboarding is a fun and healthy activity as long as you follow basic safety precautions. The high cost of buying a snowboard can easily be offset by the lifespan of your new snowboard as long as you take care of it and provide basic maintenance.