In today’s world, if you own a business or organization you are likely to also want a website or at least a webpage either to sell more products on or even just to advertise what people can expect if they come to your store.  But getting a webpage is not quite as simple as it would look.  In order to get a website you have to first find a webhost.  Finding a webhost is not hard because there are hundreds and possibly thousands of them.  The hard part is finding one that is reliable, meets all your needs, and is not overly expensive.

There are some web hosts that are free like Weebly or Webs, but these are often not the most reliable.  Often times when someone signs to one of these free hosts they will get a subdomain because that is also free.  A subdomain can be fine if you are very well known and can get the word out to people easily that you have the website in this place, but it does not look nearly as professional as having your own domain.  Another problem with a lot of the free hosts is that you cannot make your website secure, meaning users may not feel safe buying items or even entering a username and password on the site.

For the reason that a personal domain looks more professional than a subdomain you will want to find a webhost that offers the option of using a domain you already own.  It is often cheaper to buy the name from GoDaddy than to buy it from the separate web host.  Another route you might want to take is signing up for a web hosting service that has freebies.  Some hosts allow you to get a free domain when you purchase hosting and others allow free hosting when you purchase a domain.  This can end up being a way to look more professional without breaking the bank.

Look for a host that has at least 99.8% uptime.  This means your website will have very few, if any, times where it is down and not viewable due to maintenance being done by the host.  If the webhost has a low percentage you might be paying and your website not be viewable enough to make it worth your money.

Find a host that will allow you to make your site secure.  Some hosts actually offer deals on SSL Certificates when you buy hosting or domains from them.  This is another good way to look more professional without breaking the bank.  SSL Certificates can be expensive, but they do give your customers a sense of security when signing up or buying something.  If you are just using your website for advertising you will not need it to be secure.

Another thing you need to look for is an SEO friendly host.  The best is one that will be indexed with Google and possibly both Google and Yahoo.  Since these are the most used search engines this means your site will be found by more people.  If you are good at SEO entry, you might decide not to pay for a host to do it for you, but if you don’t know much about SEO then it is in your best interest to get a host that will do it for you.

In businesses or organizations today it is extremely helpful to have a website.  Do not get scared by the prices or the quantity of hosts out there.  Do not go with the first host you find.  Look into several of them and see which one fills all your needs for the best price.  If you do this you will have your website up and running in no time.