Welcome guests with a beautiful front door color


Front door color1Credit: http://www.mariakillam.com/2012/04/ten-best-front-door-colours-for-your-house.html

Choosing a welcoming exterior front door color has never been an easy task but when you know how and when to go about it, then it can become a lot easier. First, you need to know that the type of color you chose for the entrance door to your home goes a long way to influence the surroundings of such home. You don’t have to choose the color of your door based on the existing colors in the interior. For  the best results, make a choice of your color based on what you have outside the home. Listed below are certain tips to keep you going in your intended home improvement. 

  • Choose the right pigment: You can only succeed in this by first, noting the natural hues of the landscape of your home and other buildings close to it. This will help you to go for such color that would not in any way, clash with the exterior of your home. Do you have portions of your home that has stone, brick or any other natural material? If yes, then these should inspire your decision of the right color for your exterior front door.
  • The color shouldn't be subdued: In this age, a lot of people are not afraid on testing out several good options. This also applies to home improvement generally and choosing front door colors particularly. Do you have various shades of brilliant colors being produced by the trees and flowers planted within and outside the compound? Let them inspire you to go for a bold color. Does bright blue, green or orange blend with the colors you have outside your home and its style? Then don’t hesitate to paint your front door with any of these bold colors.
  • White has its place: When using white, pair it with colors that are bold and high contrast, such as rich browns and blacks. If you choose white, remember it can show dirt quickly and may not make the best exterior door color. While it can be used, it will need upkeep on your part.
Front door color2Credit: http://www.coastalliving.com/homes/decorating/entryway-ideas-00414000072041/page10.html


I would also want to add that before making a choice of a color for your front door, you should find out what your neighborhood’s regulations are when it comes to choosing a welcoming exterior front door color. Any color you choose to go with something that violates such regulations.