Which cool kids backpack should you choose?

It’s hard enough keeping track of fashions and peer pressure that your children are subject to, however, kids are incredibly tuned into what is important right now amongst their friends and so as parents we should do our best to try to help them (without pandering to their every whim!), and choosing the right cool kids backpack for your child can be a simple and easy way of meeting their wants and needs for trips, school, college and vacations.

Choosing backpacks for girls, whatever their age, will primarily depend on their age and the main use that they will have for it, as well as your child’s general attitude to fashion and trends.

Girls College Backpack

Do you need something capable of carrying heavy text books, a laptop or iPad and that will need to double up as an overnight bag for trips and holidays? If so then take a look at the rangeDAKINE Girl's Prom PackCredit: Amazon of College Backpacks from Dakine and JanSport, all of which are available in an bewildering array of styles, some even suitable for adults, and are specifically designed for college or university use. The ones you are probably looking for are designed to carry folders and binders, as wells as a laptop, pens, clothes and other personal items, sometimes in special fleece lined or insulated pockets. Some of these pacls can expand and are capable of carrying significant loads, and even if the empty bag looks reasonable when trying on in a store please be cautious of choosing something that is too large and cumbersome for a younger girl.

Girls High School Backpacks

One of the biggest names in student backpacks for this age group, 6-13, is High Sierra, they offer a sporty, modern range of packs, although there are plenty of other manufacturers to choose from in your search for the best school backpacks, with even the major names in outdoor equipment getting inHigh Sierra 1800-Cubic Inches Curve Daypack(94715)Credit: Amazon to the act with products that mimic those designed for serious outdoor use. As with college backpacks it’s important to read the reviews and be sure to consider the size of the largest item your daughter will be carrying and make sure the bag can accommodate it as well as keeping all the items that girls will carry about with them organised.  Most come with a variety of features designed to help protect laptops and mp3 players and carry drinks or even separate out sports clothing from books and other items.

Girls Preschool Backpacks

If your child has just started at preschool you’ll need a kindergarten backpack, something that is styled accordingly, but is also not so large that you (or they!) are tempted to carry too much.  As could be expected the range is vast, with all the most popular children’s characters represented.  Many of the most popular packs are made from materials that are child safe (BPA free), have an insulated pouch for drinks and snacks (and so can doublSkip Hop Zoo Pack Little Kid Backpack(94714)Credit: Amazone up as a lunch bag). Generally these bags are not large enough for standard 8.5"x11" folders so to ensure you will get the most use out of this the ideal age range is 3-6 years. Your daughter, niece or grandchild will feel great being able to carry their favourite toys and games about though!

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