Anti Wrinkle Creams (35072) When you go shopping for cosmetics you will definitely find the shop shelves loaded with Anti-wrinkle or anti-ageing creams of all kinds and from all manufacturers and brands. But not all of them are for you. Every individual has a different skin type and they may require different creams. Your best-friend's suggestion might or might not very well suit you. It is for your own good to research and compare the available products before you pick one up for yourself. This may mean looking through the entire stock of the cosmetic shop; this might be a lot of work. But you surely can't compromise on your personal appearance. You should check the ingredients and read through reviews to insure what you choose matches you skin types and of course budget.

It depends on your skin type whether you should use an Anti Wrinkle cream or an Anti Ageing lotion. Creams are heavier products that work well on dry skin while lotions are low-density lighter products that work best for oily skin. There are certain products (both lotions and creams) that are fashioned to work for people with either or both (combination) type of skin. If you are still not sure you should consult your skin specialist before picking up a cream for yourself.

get rid of wrinklesOther thing that you should keep into account is your age and the results you are expecting from the cream/lotion. Age is the most important factor that affects wrinkles. People entering middle-age develop wrinkles in certain areas of their face and those who have already crossed middle-age have wrinkles on cheek and forehead as well. You can also use Anti wrinkle creams as a preventive measure (If you don't want to get a plastic surgery later in your life). There are many products that are designed to work in specific areas of your face and yield specific results. For example, products like Eye creams are made to give you eye-lift and specifically target puffs around the eyes. Eye creams will include ingredients like: caffeine, Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA), Retinol, Vitamin C and copper peptides that tightens skin and initiates collagen growth.

before after1For example, Strivectin SD Eye Cream is one such cream with exactly the same ingredients as mentioned above that has been reformulated to prevent eye irritation. Kinerase Extreme Lift Eye is another alternative that targets wrinkles and lines with a blend of peptides and high levels of the anti-wrinkle ingredient – Kinetin. Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Licorice extracts and Kojic acid are some more skin tightening ingredients.


Beside these, there are products available that can prevent wrinkle as mentioned above and can be applied much before you even start getting wrinkles, some stretch skin and hence remove wrinkles. There are several other products that might depend on your age and other factors. You should consider all these factors before buying an Anti-Wrinkle Cream. If you're not shopping for an anti wrinkle night-cream, you can also consider creams or lotions with sunscreen. You should also avoid perfumed products as they can irritate your skin without serving any positive purpose

If your budget is limited don't worry. Costlier doesn't always mean better. You should only ensure that the ingredients are what you require a cheaper cream with better ingredients will always proof better than an expensive cream with fewer ingredients to suit your needs.


In the end customer feedbacks and reviews are very important. The reviews provided by the manufacturers might be biased. Look for reviews on the internet and consult your colleagues and friends and neighbour. Different people with different skin types can experience different results. Some of these results can be positive and some negative. You should always check reviews by people of your skin type before deciding on a product to avoid any side-effects. Remember anti ageing cream/lotions are the only alternative to plastic surgery........and they are a lot cheaper.