An inflatable pool can help to make your summer much cooler. The inflatable pool can give the kids a great place to play, can allow the adults to cool off, and everyone can relax. Not every pool will meet everyone's needs, but by knowing what your options are and by knowing which inflatable pools are worth looking at you can make a great decision for your family.  

Intex Rainbow Ring Play Center

The Intex Rainbow Ring Play Center inflatable pool is definitely a little kids pool It is 117 inches by 76 inches by 53 inches and is 53 inches tall. However the depth of the very short and best for young kids such as toddlers and preschoolers. This bright-colored pool holds up to 65 gallons of water in two round pool sections that make a figure eight. It has several toys that appeal to the very young including a small slide, a ring toss game, and ball ramps. You can also hook a sprayer up to the top (which is why it is so tall). The sprayer is then supposed to spray down into the pool.

This pool isn't the best on the market, but the toys are great if you have really little ones who will be entertained by these options. It is also too small for you to fit into with your children which makes it less relaxing and cooling for the parents. It also doesn't take long to outgrow. For $60 it has a lot to offer, but it doesn't have a drain and can be a pain to clean. You will have to weigh the disadvantages of this inflatable pool with it's advantages to figure out if it is the pool for your family.


Rainbow Pool
Credit: Amazon

Intex Swim Center Family Lounge Pool

For a pool that will be relaxing and fun for the whole family you can choose the Intex Swim Center Family Lounge Pool. It is about 90 inches square and is about 26 inches tall. This allows you to have about 18 inches of water in it. It isn't much, but with the 4 built in lounge chairs parents can relax in the sun and cool water while children frolic in the center. This one even has two cup holders for grown ups.

This pool will set you back about $50 and while it certainly won't be allowing you to swim, it does offer the whole family a cheap way to cool off, relax, and have a little bit of fun. It is one of the higher rated inflatable pools and is certainly worth a good consideration.   

Intex Recreation Swim Center Paradise Lagoon Pool

Intex produces a lot of very highly rated pools and one of them is the Recreation Swim Center Paradise Lagoon Pool. This figure eight pool is 103 inches by 63 inches and 18 inches tall. It is large enough for adults to get in and sit if they want, but it hasn't taken adults into consideration as much it ist design. On the other hand, this 120 gallon inflatable pool's figure eight shape is lots of fun for small children. This pool is also durable and has even been known to last more than one summer.

This is another pool that isn't as easy to clean and if you are really wanting something where you can join your children then you will really want to consider what you want out of the pool. It does come at a great price coming in around $30 and definitely makes it worth buying for the kids. Your kids will enjoy it and you in turn can enjoy hours of them being entertained and outside. 


Lagoon Pool
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Intex Recreation Swim Center Family Pool

If you are looking for a good pool at a good price then you might want to choose the Intex Recreation Swim Center Family Pool. It is 103 inches long and 69 inches wide. This rectangle pool is also 22 inches deep allowing you to have about 18 inches of water. The whole thing holds about 198 gallons of water. It is comfortable and can hold a small family.

This pool is also durable and for $35 is a good price. While it lacks any extras, it has everything that you need for a relaxing time in a bit of water. It isn't the easiest thing to clean, but in the end most inflatable pools aren't. Many people have had a lot of success keeping this pool through the summer and into the next one because it is very durable and can even handle being stored.  

Swim Center Clearview Aquarium Pool

Intex is definitely the company with the highest rated pools. However, this Swim Center is highly rated and is made by Clearview. It is 62.5 inches square and about 19.5 inches deep. It is a little small for adults (though one could sit in the corner if they wanted to), but can handle larger children. It has bright colored “aquarium” style sides that are fun for children and it offers enough space for hours of enjoyment.

This pool is best for the children and will be a tight fit if you are wanting to be a part of the fun. However, it comes at a really great price of $20 and is highly rated. It is worth it if you have one to three small children who will definitely get their money's worth in a summer. It however, isn't something that a bunch of kids will be able to enjoy.

Choosing the perfect pool for your family is about finding out what you want, who will be using it, and how much you will be spending. While there are a lot of disadvantages to inflatable pools, they do have their place. Their small size allows them to fit in more places, they are less concern than a real pool, and they are great for young children. You can also sit back and enjoy them if you like the sun, just want to get a little wet, or you want to play with the kids. They are also inexpensive and the five inflatable pools on this list are very highly rated.