Choosing the right office chair is very important. Sitting is not an optimal position for human body to be in and if you are sitting on a bad chair for long periods of time you are going to have a very serious consequences. It isn't recommended to sit for a long periods of time, even if you have a good office chair, but by having a good office chair you are reducing the health risks a lot.


Pricing on good office chairs is often very high, this is not true. While the price tag seem to be crazy it is not that in reality. The reason that some office chairs are so cheap is because the hidden side costs aren’t calculated to the price tag. These hidden side costs are the reason  why you should never buy cheap office chair.

  • Bad built-quality.
  • Short warranty.
  • Poor material choices.
  • Bad lumbar support, if any.

All these things are a factor when it comes to health issues. Bad built-quality and short warranty most likely guarantee that you have to buy new office chair every year or so.

The side costs of having a bad office chair include many things.

  • Medical costs.
  • Cost of new office chairs.
  • Loss of productivity.

Now let’s look at the price of good office chairs. As an example I take Herman Miller Embody, yes it may seem to be expensive at first, but then you consider the quality and features of the chair and the most important warranty, Herman Miller Embody has a twelve-year warranty, so you can go ahead and divide the price with 4380 and see how low the price is for each day. At this point you can see that the price is almost nothing.


There are some very basic features like a swivel base and a wheel base, which are found in basically any office chair, then there are some features that are usually only found in higher end office chairs.

  • Adjustability: Most important adjustable features are arm height, seat back height, seat and back angle and tension control.
  • Material: Fabric of the chair should be very well breathing and padding on the seat should be made from material that doesn't lose it's form.
  • Lumbar support: One of the most important if not the most important feature on a good office chair, you shouldn't even consider chairs that don't have this feature. Having a good lumbar support is a must and an adjustable lumbar support is heavily recommended.
  • Warranty: Last, but not the least, when you are paying top dollar for an office chair look for manufacturers that offer a long warranty.

You should look for chairs that have at least all these features.

It's better to invest that to a long-lasting piece of furniture that is ergonomic and will keep you healthy than to endless visits at chiropractor or physical therapist to reverse the damage done by a non-ergonomic chair.