Aerifier: Buying or Renting a Lawn aerators for sale

For how long can you hold your breath without falling into a coma? There are those who can actually hold their breaths for minutes. Lack of air can mean death for humans and many other living things. Air is everywhere and is an essential part of life. You often think about air when you think about humans and animals. You will be surprised to know that the ground of the soil also needs to breath in order to be in good condition. That is why some people have been successful at growing beautiful fresh vegetables and others have failed miserably.

There are others who see the need to let the ground breath by using what is called an lawn aerifier or lawn aerator. Normally the ground or soil will breathe when left alone. However, if the soil is constantly trampled, the soil will become compact and it will not get the needed amount of air. For those who have lawns or do a bit of gardening, using an lawn aerator or a lawn aerifier can make a huge difference.

If you are thinking about buying of a lawn aerator for your garden, you will need to take into consideration the size of your garden or lawn and the amount you are willing to spend on the lawn aerifier. Another point to consider is how often you will be using your lawn aerator.

Manual aerator or machine aerator

If you have a small garden, a manual aerator will do the job very well. However, you need to pay attention to the finished product. How easy will it be to assemble your garden aerator or lawn aerator? Some aerators come with a steel tray in which you have to put the weight block. Without the block you will find it very hard to use your lawn aerator or garden aerator. Furthermore, if your aerator doesn't come with a weight block it will be useless or it will require a lot of muscle power.

The manual garden aerator or lawn aerator can be bought at many garden stores for about $30 and upwards. For example the Agri-Fab 45-0365 Briggs and Stratton Primer garden aerator or lawn aerator will cost you $60. John Deere is a well know brand when it comes to choosing and buying garden and lawn aerator. John Deere offer lawn aerators and garden aerators for over $300.

Lawn Aerifier

If you have a large lawn, you will not want to use a manual lawn aerator. That is why there are machine lawn aerifiers. These lawn aerifiers will do a better job and it will be quicker as well. The basic idea is still the same but you will get better results when working with more compact soil. It is often advised to water your garden or your lawn before using your lawn aerator or garden aerator. The same goes for lawn aerifiers. However, it you have a powerful aerifier, you don't need to water your lawn before using your machine.

Exercising and lawn aerifier, lawn aerator

If you are manly enough and you have enough time to waste, you can opt for the manual lawn aerators. That will be a good choice only if your lawn or garden is small. If you decide to prove to everyone that you achieved something that most men wouldn't dare to do, that will be good for your ego but will not be great for your back. Lawn aerators and garden aerators are designed with small cubic meters in mind. The machine aerifiers are used when you have huge lawns to take care of.

How much do Lawn aerifiers cost?

Gulf and turf equipment offers a walk lawn aerifier for $3500. The John Deere brand of aerfiers cost more. For example, the John Deere Aercore 1500 will cost $8500. You are of course looking at a heavy duty lawn aerifiers for golf lawns and for those who have a huge garden.

Should you buy or rent Lawn Aerifiers or lawn aerators

If you plan to use your lawn aerifier or garden aerator once a year, you might want to consider renting or hiring a lawn aerifier or lawn aerator. That is because you will be getting a good deal and you will not having to worry about maintenance and storage. If you have a golf course that needs constant maintenance, it might be a good idea to invest in a good lawn aerifier.