Choosing and Buying Baby Gift Basket

Buying gifts for a new born is not always straight forward. It doesn't have to be that difficult if you think about what will be the best gift for the new mother and child. You don't have to be very original with your gift ideas and you don't have to shy away from traditional baby gifts. The best thing that will help you in choosing and buying the best baby gift basket will be how useful your baby gift will be to the mother and the baby. A baby gift doesn't have to be pleasing to you to be useful. Others have thought about combined baby gifts like choosing and buying baby gift baskets.

Choosing and buying baby gift baskets: What are they?

Baby gift baskets are themed ideas that makes given to new mothers easier. Instead of shopping for baby gifts individually, a baby gift basket will have various baby gift ideas combined into one. All you will have to do is buy the one you like and you are done. This is very handy as it will help reduce the time you waste in choosing and buying individual baby gift items. On the other hand, there are some things you will not like in the baby gift baskets. You will be unable to choose and pick. That is the downside of going down the baby gift basket road.

Choosing and buying baby gifts baskets: Bath time baby gift basket

How many times do mothers have to give their baby a bath in the first year? With that is mind, the Bath time baby gift basket is a useful gift idea. You know it will be used because of the nature of the gift. What should you expect to see in this bath time baby gift basket? The bath time baby gift basket offered by Amazon for $60 contains the following:

  • Baby Wash Tub; Johnson & Johnson Tearless Baby Shampoo;
  • Musical Duckling; Momma Duck; 100% Cotton Tee Shirts;
  • Hooded Baby Bath Towel; Qty 2 - Baby Caps; Qty 4 -Terry Cloth Wash Cloths;
  • 5x7 Baby Picture Frame; Qty 3 - Rubber Ducks; Baby Booties; Baby Brush & Comb Set; Ultra Soft Satin Edged Baby Duckling (Baby duck doubles as a finger puppet); Johnson & Johnson Baby Lotion; and Johnson & Johnson Baby Wash.
  • Choosing and buying baby gifts baskets: Got Milk, baby gift basket

When you take a look at the name of this baby gift basket, GOT MILK, you will be wondering what it is supposed to mean. You can figure that out yourself. So what does this got milk baby gift basket contains? Here is a list below of what to expect from this baby gift basket that will cost about $80 to buy at Amazon

  • Natural Wicker Basket, "Got Milk? Printed Baby Cap, "Got Milk? Bib with Applique,
  • "Got Milk? Printed Burp Cloth, "Got Milk? Printed Sleeper, "Got Milk? Tee Shirt with Applique, Coordinated Pants, Coordinated One Piece Body Suit 0-6 months,
  • Music CD - Little Boy Blue Nursery Songs, Mary Meyers 6" Soft Plush Cow, Baby's First Footpring Keepsake Kit, Angelina's Sweet Butter Cookies, "Congratulations" Coffee for Parents to enjoy

Choosing and buying baby gift basket: Are baby gift basket worth the money?

From the look of the two listed baby gift basket above, you will notice that the more items the baby gift basket has, the more you will have to pay for it. It you think of it, baby gift baskets are not cheap. Well everything to do with babies is not cheap. Retailers know that when it comes to babies, mothers and people in general will buy with their heart and not their head. That is why buying a baby gift basket is not the cheapest gift out there. That being said, you do get a buzz when your baby gift basket makes a new mother happy. How do you feel when you visit your friend of family and you see the baby wearing one of the items in your baby gift basket? That feeling of pleasure makes it worth the money when you buy a baby gift basket.