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Choosing and Buying Cat Toys Under $5

Cats are in a world of their own. You have cats with different personalities and some cats can be quite entertaining. If you cat's idea of fun is scratching your sofa, you will probably not be enchanted. Cats are generally agile and lively. Cats unlike dogs will not run after a Frisbee. That is not to say that cat don't like toys. You just need to think about the appropriate toys for your cat. How about cat toys under $5 That is not so much to spend to have fun with your cat.

Choosing and buying a Cat Toys under $5: Cat Toy Dancer

If you want to see some cool action from your cat, this cat toy called the Cat Dancer CD301 Cat charmer is a good cat toy. The interesting thing about this cat toy is the simple design. It has got a colorful fabric attached to the end of a wand. Because of the intrinsic design of this cat toy you will have many hours of fun with your cat.

This cat toy requires a bit of interaction from you. You only need to twirl the cat dancer cat toy to get some fun. You will also have fun seeing your jump up and down trying to catch the end of this colorful cat toy. You will probably get tired after playing with your cat toy for a while.

Another great thing about this cat toy is the price. For only $3 at and, you know you are getting a good deal choosing and buy a cat toy under $5.

Choosing and buying cat toys under $5: Play and squeak mouse hunter cat toy

Cats are supposed to chase after mice. That is often the case unless you have a cat that has decided to adopt the mice in your house. This play and squeak mouse hunter cat toy does look like a mouse. Your cat will have a lot of fun poking and playing around with this cat toy. This cat toy does move and imitates the noise of a mouse.

This toy will get your cat running around the house chasing his toy. This cat toy doesn't move really fast and even if it does, your cat can still have so much fun with it and you will have fun watching both of them. You can buy this cat toy at PETCO and ARCATAPET for just under $5.

Choosing and buying cat toys under $5: Fat cat frog crackler cat toy

If you think about the name of this cat toy you will either laugh or just stay away from it. Well, remember it is not about you. If you don't like frogs or if you don't like fat frogs, it doesn't mean that your cat will not like this cat toy. The interesting thing about this fat frog cat toy is that it makes crackling sound which will of course draw the attention of your cat.

Your cat will probably try to eat up this frog cat toy but you have nothing to worry about, the cat toy doesn't taste like cat food. There is also the issue of your cat not taking to this fat frog cat toy. Cats have feelings too and they might not like a fat frog and might prefer a thin frog. Anyway, this cat toy is another item to consider when choosing and buying cat toy under $5. You can buy the fat cat frog crackler cat toy at Amazon for $4.