crazy contact lenses

Choosing and Buying Crazy Contact Lenses

Nobody wants to be crazy but at times it does help to be crazy. When you think about choosing and buying crazy contact lenses you might be wondering why some contact lenses are considered crazy. It is not because you are crazy for wearing the so called crazy contact lenses. It is mainly because crazy contact lenses mean wearing contact lenses with really bizarre or strange colors. If you like to shock or make people notice your eyes, buying crazy contact lenses is the way to go.

Choosing and buying crazy contact lenses: What to look for

If you are thinking of buying crazy contact lenses, you need to know that there are basically two categories of crazy contact lenses. There are the fantasy crazy contact lenses and there are the prescription crazy contact lenses. The fantasy crazy contact lenses will have more variety and more interesting colors. That is what most people will be looking for when they are considering buying crazy contact lenses.

Subtle crazy contact lenses: If you want people to wonder about your eyes, the subtle crazy contact lenses are a great choice. People will notice that there is something about your eyes but they will really have to take a closer look in order to figure it out. That is why some people opt for the subtle crazy contact lenses.

You can buy these crazy contact lenses at for about $30. There is an interesting yet subtle contact lenses that you can buy at YouKnowIT that is called the Eclipse crazy contact lenses. These contact lenses have a yellow eclipses like ring in the middle of the lenses. It is a little subtle and at the same time unsettling.

Flashy crazy contact lenses: If you really want to let people know you are back in town, these are the types of crazy contact lenses you should buy. They are obviously fake, you will get a lot of attention as people stare into your eyes trying to figure out what you have just smoked. The Wild Fire crazy contact lenses are worth considering. As you would have guessed most of these crazy contact lenses are not prescription contact lenses.

Choosing and buying crazy contact lenses: Care and warning

You should never throw caution to the wind just because you are overly excited about wearing your crazy contact lenses. Anything you stick into your eyes has the potential to cause infection and eye problems. You need to make sure your crazy contact lenses are sterilized and clean before you put them into your eyes. You also need to consider how long you will be able to wear your crazy contact lenses. If you plan to wear them the whole day, you need to make sure that the contact lenses are designed to the worn for such a long time.

Yearly Contact lenses: You can use your crazy contact lenses over a long period, you need to make sure you follow the manufacturer's guide lines. Trying to be fashionable is not a reason avoid taking care of your sight. You can have fun but you need to put your safety first and foremost.