Choosing and Buying Good ATV Tires

When you buy a brand new ATV, you don't normally worry about the tires. That is because most ATV riders start off wanting to only to ride. As time goes by you will have to change your ATV tires. That will mean choosing and buying the right ATV tires for you needs. Not all ATV tires are born or are meant for the same purpose. What should you take into consideration when choosing ATV tires?

Choosing and Buying Good ATV Tires: Brakes

When you think about ATV tires you might find it odd that brakes will be the first thing on the list. Well, enjoying your ATV doesn't mean you should throw caution to the wind. Safety should always be your number one priority. That is when ATV tires that will hold their ground when you brake are very important.

Choosing and buying Good ATV tires: Long lasting

Most ATV tires are good but the real difference between quality ATV tires can be seen after a few months of intensive use. If the tires wear out really quick, you know that some manufacturers have not been paying attention to details. They are hoping you will be buying another pair of ATV tires very soon. That been said, the more you do crazy stunts with your ATV, the quicker you are likely to wear out your ATV tires. No manufacturer will guarantee unlimited use. For example, the ITP Holeshot ATV rear tires are reported to give value for money. That is to say, they do last long and do not wear out quickly. They are very good if you are into riding your ATV on tracks, trails or sand beds. The IPB Holeshot ATV tires will cost about $70. This is relatively inexpensive for ATV tires.

Choosing and buying Good ATV tires: Well known brands

When choosing ATV tires, another thing to consider is buying well known brands. This doesn't mean you should be oblivious to other emerging brands. For example, Dunlop, Michelin, Pirelli are known brands when it comes to auto tires. There is a reason why these brands are popular. The quality you get buying these tire brands is one of the reasons why it is important to consider certain well known brands of ATV tires. Dunlop offers the KT 121D Tires for about $90 each. These are not the cheapest ATV tires out there. However, you are investing in good ATV tires brand and will be getting good quality.

Choosing and buying Good ATV tires: Front ATV tires versus Rear ATV tires

Have you noticed how rear ATV rear tires are more expensive than their front counterparts? On some ATV, the rear tires tend to be bigger than the front tires. Bigger ATV tires means more raw material and consequently more expensive. There are other ATVs with similar tires all over. Those types of ATVs can be advantageous because they provide you the possibility of rotating the tires.

Choosing and buying Good ATV tires: Mud riding

If do a lot of off road riding, you will need to pay particular attention to the type of ATV tires you buy. There are ATV tires that are marketed for mud riding. It doesn't mean you cannot ride you ATV on other terrain. Buying ATV tires specifically for muddy terrain means that you will get better traction and smoother ride from mud specific ATV tires.

Choosing and buying Good ATV tires: Brands

Maxxis ATV tires

Kenda ATV tires

Dunlop ATV tires

ITP Holeshot ATV tires

Choosing and buying Good ATV tires: What about cheap ATV tires under $50

Buying inexpensive ATV tires doesn't mean the tires are cheap. Cheap doesn't always mean bad quality ATV tires. If you are interested in some inexpensive ATV tires, you can check out the Dunlop KT391 at Amazon. At times you can get these ATV tires for about $35. Of course these are discount ATV tires. That only goes to highlight the fact that you can get some good deal when choosing and buying ATV tires.