Choosing and Buying Good Closet Organizers

You have been surprised to see that you have accumulated so much over the years that you no longer have enough space to hold all your belongings. The more you buy and furnish your house the more you become attached to old furniture and possessions. It can be difficult to get rid of things you have had for so many years even if you don't need and use them. There are those who have stored children's toys and clothing for years and don't have the plan to get rid of them.

You have bought more wardrobes or closet organizers and still you discovered that you need more space. Choosing and buying closet organizers is not a miracle solution. One of the most important reasons why you will want to buy a closer organizer is because you want easy access to your clothing and shoes.

Closet organizers are not for long term storage but they are meant to be for daily used. With that in mind, you need to sort things out and give away some clothing to charity before choosing and buying a closet organizer.

Choosing and buying closet organizer: What to organize

You need to understand what you want to organizer and how you plan to access your clothing. If your clothing includes suits for men and women jackets, winter coats and clothing items that needs hangers, you will have to think of a closet organizer that will have a vertical bar on which you can use clothing hangers.

What if you plan to have a section that will hold ironed t-shirts, blouses, shorts and other clothing items that will be ironed and folded away?

With that in mind, you need to buy a closet organizer that will include a shelf on which you can place your clothes. There are closet organizers that come with flexible shelf. These types of closet organizers with flexible shelves are often made from fabric or soft water proof plastic.

The flexible hanging shelf is a great addition to any closet organizer. The Canopy 6-Shelf hanging closet organizer can be purchased at Walmart for $15. That is an inexpensive closet organizer if you were to compare the price to what you will pay for a wooden furniture or wardrobe. You cannot really compare a wooden closet organizer to a hanging closet organizer. That is why the price is not the same

Choosing and buying closet organizer: Installing

If you have ever tried to put any complicated furniture together, you will know that it can be frustrating if all the parts are not put in the right place. How will you feel after struggling for hours to put the closet organizers to use and you still cannot. You will either feel like a loser or you will want to take the closet organizer back and ask for a refund.

You will be happier spending your money on a Happy Meal than going through the frustration of a badly designed closet organizer. If you are not that manual and you don't want to go through the trouble of trying to figure out a badly thought out closet organizer, choose a simple closet organizer. However, there are those who like everything complicated, you can buy a complicated closet organizer but you will probably be disappointed with the final results. Simplicity is the key to choosing and buying a closet organizer.

Wooden closet organizer

If you want something more elegant that has a more finished look, you can buy the John Louis Home premier honey maple closet organizer for $360 to $400. If you compare the price to the smaller closet organizer mention above, you will see that the price is not the same and not everyone is willing to spend that much for a closet organizer. If you are planning on decorating the room of your teenagers or your children, you can opt for the cheaper closet organizer. If they are not happy, you can get them to pay for the more expensive one.