Choosing and buying Hand Warmers

If you love the outdoors but you hate the cold it will be difficult to enjoy winter. There are so many things that you can do in winter that makes the cold inviting and interesting (snowman, snow fight, walking, etc). What most people hate about the cold and winter is having frozen hands. How painful it can be when your hands are so cold and you cannot fold your fingers or stretch them out. That is even more difficult for those who suffer from illness that can be aggravated by the cold.

There are those who hate getting cold hands and that tingling after-effect that they either hibernate during winter of move to another location. Not everyone can afford to hibernate or move to a warmer location. That being the case, it can be difficult to keep your hands warm during winter. That is why many people use hand warmers. There are those who have tried to keep their hands warm through the use of friction. That is to say, they rub their hands together to generate a certain amount of heat. However, when your fingers are frozen, it can be very painful touching them not to talk about rubbing your hands together. If you have ever tried hand warmers, you know that they can be life savers. If you don't know what a hand warmer is, you will soon find out.

Winter and the cold can be show stopper but as many people have already discovered, the show must go on and that is why you have the winter Olympic games. That is of course every four years and you don't have to wait for that long to enjoy the cold, snow and everything that has to do with winter.

Choosing and buying hand warmers

There are basically two types of hand warmers. The hand warmers that can be used indoors and the ones that can be used outdoors. Most of those who use the indoor hand warmers are those who suffer from poor circulation due to age or illness. These types of hand warmers are mostly electric hand warmer that look like mittens. You can insert your hands into these hand warmers and regulate the temperature to your needs.

The other outdoor hands warmers are generally smaller and are meant to be inserted into your pocket or your mittens. They will slowly dissipate heat and keep your hands warm. These outdoors hard warmers don't have temperature regulators. If you want to regulate the temperature of the outdoor hand warmers, you just take out your hands and let them cool off and insert them back when you need to.

What to look for in hand warmers and how much to pay.

Odor: There are hand warmers that can give off offensive odor due to the fuel used. If you are easily put off by strong odor, you need to be careful so that you don't get intoxicated by the odor of your hand warmer.

Flame: If you are buying a hand warmer that is not flameless, you might be surprise to see smoke coming out of your pocket and worried people might douse you in water. The best hand warmers with regards to safety are those that don't require flame or fire if you prefer

The outdoor hand warmers are smaller and can be held on your palm. For example the Platinum Catalyst Flameless metal hand warmer. This is a small hand warmer that will last long, more than 10 hours and it can be reused. You can check out some hand warmers at Amazon both for indoor and outdoor use.

You should expect to pay upwards of $20 for the outdoor hand warmers. The indoor electric hand warmers will cost $30 and upwards.