Choosing and Buying Leaf Shredder

If you have ever tried to rake together fallen leafs in autumn and stuff them into plastic bags, you know how frustrating it can be. You just never seem to get enough space in your plastic bag. It is very difficult to shrink leafs without the use of a leaf shredder. If you have enough space, you can dig a whole and dump all the leafs in it to create compost. That being said, you will still need to a big hole to put the leafs.

Choosing and buying leaf shredder: Wet or Dry

When choosing and buying leaf shredder, you need to think about buying a leaf shredder that will be capable of shredding wet leafs. It does rain in autumn and leafs will be all soggy and bunched together. You don't want a capricious leaf shredder that only likes to shred when the weather is dry. As unimportant as this might sound, shredders tend to perform well when they are fed dry articles. The same goes for leaf shredders.

Choosing and buying leaf shredder: Speed regulator

Power is a beautiful thing and a powerful leaf shredder is nice to have. On the other hand, too much power and not being able to control your leaf shredder is not a good thing either. That is why buying a leaf shredder with speed regulator is important. There are leaf shredders with three speeds. The speed will define the granularity you get from your leaf shredder. It will also depend on what your final aim is. Do you want to spread the shredded leafs on your garden or do you want to make compost from the result of your leaf shredder? No matter what you plan to do with the shredded leafs, buying a leaf shredder with speed regulator should be considered.

Choosing and buying leaf shredder: Portability

Why worry about the portability of your leaf shredder? A leaf shredder is not like a hand luggage that you will carry around with you all day. However, you will still need to move your leaf shredder from one location to the other. That is why a heavy leaf shredder is not a good idea. If you love the challenge and think you need the extra exercise, you may buy the heaviest leaf shredder just for the fun.

Choosing and buying leaf shredder: Assembling your leaf shredder

A leaf shredder performs basic function. It shreds leaf and you shouldn't require a PhD in order to assemble your leaf shredder. If you are able to easily assemble your leaf shredder, there is the likelihood that your leaf shredder will be easy to store.

Choosing and buying leaf shredder: Noise level

It might not be that important to check the noise level of your leaf shredder if you don't plan to use it that often. However, there are those who will be using their leaf shredder on a regular basis. That is why you want to make sure you don't buying a supersonic leaf shredder. Paying attention to this little detail will make your leaf shredding experience more interesting.

Choosing and buying leaf shredder: Price and Worth the money?

Leaf shredders are not cheap nor are they expensive. For normal use, a leaf shredder will cost about $130 to $300. That is the price for regular home user leaf shredders. If you want a heavy duty leaf shredder, you will pay about $500 to $1000. Most heavy duty leaf shredder will be overkill for most home users.