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Choosing and Buying Oil Heaters

Winter is on the way again and you want to find an adequate and yet inexpensive heater to get through the winter. If you live in the mountains or in higher altitudes, you don't even need to wait for winter before feeling the cold. Most people have tried most form of heaters but the cost has made many rethink their decision. Have you heard about oil heaters? When you hear about the term oil heaters you might be thinking of the old kerosene heaters. Well, oil heaters have nothing to do with this. Let us learn a little more about oil heaters.

What are oil heaters?

"Oil heaters consist of metal columns with hollow cavities, inside which oil flows freely around the heater. A heating element at the base of the heater heats up the oil, which then flows around the cavities of the heater by convection. … Using the oil as a heat reservoir, the heating element heats the oil, which remains warm for a long period of time while the heat is slowly transferred to the room by conduction and radiation. …. A large surface area allows more air to be in contact with the heater at any point in time, allowing for the heat to be transferred more rapidly from the heater into the room." Source Wikipedia

What are oil heaters? In other words, an oil heater heating appliance boils oils to a higher temperature and let you keep warm during cold nights and during winter.

Choosing and buying oil heaters

Most people will often want to know, what the best oil heater is. There is nothing like the best oil heater. You need to ask what the best oil heater for my needs is. That is a better question that will also allow you to choose and buy the most appropriate oil heater for your needs. Consider the following points:

Size: How big is the size of the room or space you want to heat? If you know the size and how much draft you get in the room, you will be better armed with good knowledge of the best oil heater to buy. You need to think of buying a bigger oil heater that will not require you to crank up the button to the highest level. Most electrical oil heating appliances are not designed to be operated constantly at the higher temperature.

Thermometer: Buying an oil heater with visual indicator is a good thing to bear in mind. At times, you might get the feeling that the oil heater is not functioning the way you want (you still feel the cold) and it is not getting the temperature high enough. A quick look at the visual display thermometer will help dissipate your fear and you might just need to put on another sweater.

Brand: When it comes to oil heater, investing in a good brand is really important. You don't want to buy an oil heater just because it is cheap and then have to rush out and buy another one (in the middle of winter) because the old one didn't make it through the first month of winter. Another good thing about buying well established brands is that you will be able to get better support (parts) in case something goes wrong. With most appliances, the time will come when you have to call customer services to have something replaced on you oil heater.

Safety: There are heaters that are very hot and can actually cause burns. Oil heaters are known to provide heat and not cause burns if you inadvertently touch them. Some have reported using oil heaters in children's room because of this safety feature.

Mobility: Oil heaters have another advantage to having a chimney. A chimney is probably esthetically more appealing but you cannot move your chimney anywhere you want. Oil heaters on the other hand can be used in the living room and then they can be moved to the bedroom when you are able to go to sleep.

Programmable: Would you like to program you oil heater to start one hour before you get home? That is an option you might want to consider when choosing and buying your oil heater. You can also set some programmable oil heaters to function only for during certain hours of the day.

Choosing and buying oil heaters

Delonghi is a popular brand among buyers. Delonghi offers oil heaters from $50 to $200.

Honeywell also offers oil heaters like the HZ-709 oil heater for $80. You can buy this at BUY, CompactApplinace, eCost, OfficeDepet and Amazon