Choosing and Buying Open Face Versus BMX Helmet versus Full Face BMX Helmet

Choosing Between Full Face and Open Face BMX Helmet

If you are really into BMX, you know safety is not just an option. No matter how good you are you will need to be careful. No matter how good you ride you BMX, you will one day have to dust up yourself. No matter how careful you ride your BMX there are still other crazy riders out there. You don't only have to worry about other BMX riders but also about the dangers of riding in busy or built up areas. There are times when you can fall of your BMX bike even when you have taken all the needed precautions. That is why it is important to make you always ride with a BMX helmet.

There are those who do not like wearing helmet because they feel that it can undo the neatly styled hair. Riding your BMX is not like go for a fashion show. You are not on the catwalk when riding your bike. What you need to understand is that an accident can easily and quickly happen and your life can depend on wearing a BMX helmet. Now that you have got that cleared up, you now want to know if you have to choose a full face BMX helmet or an open face BMX helmet? What should you choose and how do you choose?

Open Face BMX Helmet

It has to be said that open face BMX helmet tend to look better for those for are really conscious of their looks. You can smile and win over some admirers in your open face BMX helmet. That is an advantage and something that will draw more people towards the open face BMX helmet. There is also the reality that you get less protection due to the nature of the open face BMX helmet. You are most likely to get debris from the road if you ride your BMX bike off road. You will at times need to use a mask or an handkerchief to protect yourself from dust and mud. That is another disadvantage of using an open face BMX helmet when riding your BMX. That being said, most of those who choose open face BMX helmet will probably avoid off road riding or will have a full face BMX helmet as backup.

Full face BMX helmet

The full face BMX helmets are for those who want to feel the thrill and at the same time to want keep their sanity. You also go incognito when you wear a full face BMX helmet. You will get better protection from debris, dust, mud and potential. If you are the Rough Rider who like everything to do with danger and want to experience the thrill of BMX riding, you will be better off choosing a full face BMX helmet. The fact that you have a full face BMX helmet doesn't mean you should try to kill yourself because you have better protection. If you smash into a tree or fall and land badly, your BMX helmet might not save you. Common sense is still needed even when you are wearing a full face BMX helmet.

Cheap open face and full face BMX helmet

If you are looking for brand BMX helmet, you are probably a brandaholic. There is nothing wrong with that. You need to bear in mind that an expensive brand is not a guarantee that you will be getting a better BMX helmet. Here is a list of known brands you can check out.

Bell Full Face and open face BMX helmet

Giro Full Face and open face BMX helmet

Pryme Full Face and open face BMX helmet

Pro-tec Full Face and open face BMX helmet

X-Games Full Face and open face BMX helmet

The price range for the open face BMX helmets are between $20 to $50. The full face BMX helmets are more expensive and the range from $50 and upwards depending on the brands.