Choosing and Buying Shiatsu Massage Chair

Pain has been a part of the human experience since the beginning of time. At the moment, there are pain killers and other medications used to relief pain. What about shiatsu massage chair? Can they be used as pain killers or can the shiatsu massage chair be used to relief pain?

Choosing and buying Shiatsu Massage chair: Why would you buy a massage chair?

There are many reasons why someone will want to buy a shiatsu massage chair. If you have been to your hairdressers and they offered you a free massage on their shiatsu massage chair, you will probably come home thinking you will like to get the same. Another reason why you might decide to buy a shiatsu massage chair is that you tried one out at the mall and you liked the massage it gave. That experience gave you an idea of what you can get from a massage chair. If you have ever gone to a professional masseur, you will also notice that they sometimes have shiatsu massage chair. You might feel you can save money investing in one a massage chair yourself.

Choosing and buying shiatsu massage chair: Back pain relief

Most form of massages will provide some pain relief. The fact that the shiatsu massage chair provides back massage is very important. The back is one of the parts of your body that you cannot easily massage yourself. That is why you either need someone to massage your back or use an appliance like the shiatsu massage chair. The good thing about using a shiatsu massage chair is that you will slow but surely get a good back massage without someone messing up your back. At times you might ask your spouse to massage your back and you will wake up feeling worse off. That fact that you can control the shiatsu massage chair and the pressure it applies on your back is worth noting.

Choosing and buying shiatsu massage chair: What to look for

Shiatsu massage chair and price: Don't look to buy the cheap shiatsu massage chair on the market. Don't also think that the name shiatsu is a sign of quality. The cheapest massage chairs costs about $200 and the more expensive shiatsu massage chair will cost up to $2500 like the Omega serenity Zero gravity massage chair.

Choosing and buying shiatsu massage chair: Neck and Leg

Most massage chair will happily massage your back. What if you want to be able to use the shiatsu massage chair on your neck and leg? That is one thing to consider when choosing and buying shiatsu massage chair. Cheaper shiatsu massage chairs don't offer the leg and neck massage options. If you don't need those, there is no nothing stopping you from buying the standard back shiatsu massage chair.

Choosing and buying shiatsu massage chair: Intuitive control and manuals

Like most appliances, buying a shiatsu massage chair is not always straight forward. You need to pay attention to how intuitive the controls are and if the shiatsu massage chair comes with user manuals. That is to say that you receive useful user manuals in the language you understand. Some shiatsu massage chairs are not made in the US and that should tell you something.

Choosing and buying shiatsu massage chair: Comfort and cushion

If you plan to use your shiatsu massage chair for about an hour every day, how comfortable will the chair be? Will the massage chair have cushions that you can remove or add according to your needs and body shape? An adjustable shiatsu massage chair that you can also put in a reclining position is something to consider.