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Choosing and buying the best blow dryer

Hair today and gone tomorrow is not a common expression. Hair maintenance is a big business and men and most women spend hours weekly taking care of their hair. There are people thick hairs, long hair, short hair etc. Since the inception of blow driers, a lot of people have been able to dry their hair without the need of a professional in a beauty salon. How do you go about choosing and buying the best blow dryer?

Choosing and buying the best blow dryer.

Choosing and buying the best blow dryer is like choosing any other appliance. What do you plan to do with your blow dryer? This question may sound a little obvious but take a minute to think about what you really want with your blow dryer. Are you the type who will take the time to fix every little strand of your hair? Do you prefer a wash and go blow dryer? Do you have really long hair that can take hours to dry hence, you need a powerful blow dryer? Do you travel often and you need a small blower dryer to carry along without on your travel? The more you are able to understand your needs, the better you will be at choosing and buying the best blow dryer.

Understand how a blow dryer works

There are various brands of blow driers and you will be swamped with confusion trying to choose an appropriate blow dryer for your hair. You need to understand the basics of what to look for in a blow dryer.

Weight: If you will be drying and fixing your hair along, you need to consider the weight of the blow dryer you wish to buy. If it is heavy, you will struggle to get your hair done without muscular pain. If you like the added exercise, you probably don't need to worry about the weight of your blow dryer.

Speed: Speed is important when choosing a blow dryer because you will need more heat and air if you want to quickly dry your hair. If the blow dryer allows you to change the speed from soft, medium to high, that is a good thing to take into considering when choosing and buying the best blower dryer

Heat: You need to think about heat regulator when choosing and buying the best blow dryer. You don't want to burn your head nor blow dry air into your head either. If you don't get enough heat out of your blow dryer, it will take forever to dry you hair and styling without enough heat from your blow dryer will make it difficult. For example, if you want to curl your hair outwards or inwards, you will need to get enough heat out of the blow dryer. Another reason to have enough heat is getting your hair straight and shiny. The more heat your blow dryer produces the better you can style your hair. Heat and heat regulators buttons are important when choosing and buying the best blow dryer.

Air Distributor: The little air distributors that come with more blow driers are very important. If you get air distributors of various shapes, you will be able to direct the heat from the blow dryer to where you really need it. This is mostly important if you need to blow dry the root of your hair.

Look and feel: This is not that important but design and how your blow dryer looks can be a deciding factor in choosing and buying the best blow dryer. If you are a professional, you don't want a pink girly looking blow dryer. If you are a teenager who is after something cute, you can opt for a blow dryer that looks and fits with your personality

Choosing and buying the best blow dryer

Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Ionic Blow Dryer can by bought a Folica for $130.

Sedu Ultrapower Professional Tournaline Ceramic Blow Dryer at Amazon for $150

Any blow dryer not within the $100 range is probably not powerful enough. However, if you cannot afford such an expensive blow dryer, you can opt for the following

Babyliss Pro Super Turbo 2000 Watts Blower dryer at amazon for $60

Andis 82005 1875 Watt Pro Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer at amazon for $50

There are of course cheaper blow dryer, you may want to try those if you budget is limited. Choosing and buying the best blow dryer does depend on usage and budget. The better and the best blow driers are in the upper price range.