Choosing and buying Leaf Blower

How annoying can it be when falls/autumn comes around and you have to rake the leafs and keep your garden tidy. That is why someone invented the leaf blower to make your job easier. That being said, choosing and buying a leaf blower is not as easy as it seems. Most manufacturers are after your money and they will often recommend their own brands of leaf blowers. What to look for when choosing and buying leaf blowers.

Choosing and buying Leaf Blower: Power is important

Do not underestimate the need to have enough power in your leaf blower. If your leaf blower is not powerful enough, you might as well perform the task manually. If you can get anything above 200mph of air speed on your leaf blower, you will be getting something worth paying for.

Choosing and buying Leaf Blower: Weight should be considered

You also need to bear in mind that you will have to carry your leaf blower around whilst directing the wind in order to get the job done. If your leaf blower is too heavy, you will probably need a body massage once you are finished cleaning your garden. If you have to use the leaf blower on a daily basis, you definitely don't want to carry dead weight around with you.

Choosing and buying Leaf Blower: Speed regulator

The fact that you need a powerful leaf blower doesn't mean that you will need all that power at every given moment. That is why having a speed regulator on your leaf blower is essential. If your leaf blower doesn't come with a speed regulator, you will be having fun blowing the leafs around but not you will not get much benefit from your leaf blower

Choosing and buying Leaf Blower: Maintenance

Like any mechanical or electrical appliance you leaf blower will sooner or later need to be serviced. You need to make sure the leaf blower has serviceable parts. The bigger brands will often have spare parts readily available and if something goes wrong within the guarantee period, you might even be able to get a replacement leaf blower.

Choosing and buying Leaf Blower: Gas versus Electric Power leaf blower

If you plan to use your leaf blower in your yard or garden, you can buy an electric leaf blower. On the other hand if you plan to use this far from any electrical outlets, you will be better off buying a gas powered leaf blower.

Choosing and buying Leaf Blower: Noise level

If you have very sensitive neighbors, you will want to make sure your leaf blower doesn't make too much noise. The electrical leaf blowers are generally quieter than the gas operated leaf blowers. If your neighbors complain about the noise, you can offer to use your leaf blower to clean their yard or garden. If that fails, just pretend you are deaf and cannot hear them.

Choosing and buying Leaf Blower: Good leaf blower brands

If you are really thinking of buy a leaf blower, you can consider the following brands: Toro, Black $ Decker, Worx, and Remington. The fact that these are well known brands doesn't mean you will be buying a perfect leaf blower. You will likely get better customer service with the bigger brands or at least they will not go out of business before your guarantee expires.

Choosing and buying Leaf Blower: Price

Choosing and buying a leaf blower doesn't mean that price is not important. You should be careful with cheaper leaf blowers. It doesn't mean that the more expensive leaf blowers are better. The more you pay for your leaf blower, the more powerful it will be. You can expect to pay $50 to $100 for regular home leaf blower.