Using Excite Shower Gel

Excite Shower Gel is a new scent from Axe with an alluring masculine fragrance. Filled with natural woodsy aromas, as well as hazelnut, coconut and caramel, the overall effect is both earthy and tropical. The Axe effect here may just make you want to leave your favorite mens deodorant behind.

How to Use

Like any good shower gel, Excite should be applied liberally, just like a soap bar. Although you can apply it with your hands, a soft loofah or washcloth works better. Squeeze about a quarter-sized amount onto your applicator and rub it together to work up a good lather.

Be sure the water is not too hot as this can strip your skin of too many essential oils. Then, begin scrubbing your body all over, reapplying Excite to your applicator as necessary.

Be sure to scrub your underarms, buttocks and genitals well as this is where bacteria love to hide. Wring out or rinse the applicator after scrubbing each region. For the best effect, turn off the water while you scrub and let the lather sit for a minute before rinsing it off.

Rinse or wring out your applicator and reapply shower gel before washing your face. Then wash with a gentle circular motion, keeping your eyes closed.

Post Shower

After your shower, pat your hair dry and apply a mens deodorant on your underarms. If your skin is dry, use a moisturizer to avoid cracked and scaly-looking skin. Choose a complementary or neutral (unscented) product to prevent clashing with the Excite scent. Remember, Excite Shower Gel has a strong fragrance already, so leave the cologne alone. If you wish to wear cologne, let the Excite dissipate first.

Keep Skin Healthy

Excite is a powerful cleanser and deodorant, and uses some strong chemicals to do the job. These include sodium laureth sulfate, sodium chloride, cocamide MEA and tetrasodium EDTA (a stabilizer.) Men with sensitive skin will want to test this product out on a small area of their body before applying it all over.

If there is no reaction, proceed as directed. Just be sure to apply a light moisturizer after the shower to seal in the skin's moisture. Avoid getting Excite in your eyes or on clothing and carpets as it might leave a stain.

Choosing your Scent

If Excite Shower Gel does not appeal to your nose, there are many more to choose from. The Axe site will guide you through their "automated matching system" in order to find your ideal scent.

You start by picking the type of woman you want to attract, what country you want her to be from, what you would like her to wear and similar choices. The AMS then chooses the best scent for your goals.

A better method might be to bring your girlfriend or spouse with you when you go shopping. Have her smell the available choices, then you will really know what she likes. No girl? Pick your favorite and stand by your decision. Clean and confident are always good traits in a man.