Self adhesive carpet tiles have become very popular in the past decade as an inexpensive way to add to life to a room. The wide range of choices available mean having to narrow down a selection between manufacturer, pile, color and features. This can seem overwhelming. Choosing and using self adhesive carpet tiles can be very beneficial and a cost effective way to remodel a room in your home.


Many people think of self adhesive carpet tiles as being bland squares of industrial grade carpeting. Sure, these do exist, but carpet squares have advanced far beyond the basics. In addition to being self adhesive, carpet tiles today have stain, mold, mildew, moisture and fade resistance treatments made into the carpet. The same type of protection that is normally found on high end carpeting is now available in these easy to install tiles.

The colors and styles available span the entire rainbow and design world. There are solid colors and patterns in a wide-range of tones. They even are found with sports team logos! These tiles can also be bought with different thicknesses of pile and some even have a textured pattern by varying the pile depth. Again, this is normally the type of feature that would only be found on high-cost carpeting. They can be used on top of many existing surfaces and generally do not require a pad.

Self Adhesive Carpet TilesBenefits

The benefits of self adhesive carpet tiles in home use are numerous. These tiles are perfect for high traffic areas. If a tile or two begins to show wear it is easy to pull it up and replace it without sacrificing an entire carpet. This can save a substantial amount of money over the life of the carpet. The uniformity of self adhesive carpet tiles make them perfect for a wide range of applications. You can achieve a bordered look, checkerboard, or just a random geometric shape. The tiles are easily cut to fit around doorways, support posts, heating registers or other obstructions. The ability to do-it-yourself and the affordability of the product can save the owner money on many room makeover projects.


Purchasing self adhesive carpet tiles is an easy process. A homeowner just needs to calculate the square footage of a room and add a bit extra for cutting. Because the product is highly standardized if more is needed it is very easy to just buy another box. The tiles are normally sold in color-coordinated patterns and colors so it is easy for anyone to mix and match and still have a polished looking room. Shipping and loading the small boxes of tiles is far easier than a giant roll of heavy carpet, too. Self adhesive carpet tiles are readily available at most carpet stores and at many retailers online. All of the top manufacturers produce modular carpeting now. Large companies including Berber, Mohawk, Bretlinare and FLOR by Heuga Carpet Tiles have joined the smaller manufacturers in developing new tiles as demand grew. With a little bit of effort, cheap carpet squares can be found in several places.

The next time you are faced with a new flooring issue, consider the benefits and features of self adhesive carpet tiles. The low carpeting installation cost, ease of use, wide range of style and colors, and impact they will have on a room can be tremendous. The whole family can enjoy the new look and feel (and help install them, too) of self adhesive carpet tiles. They are great in basements and family rooms. There are even industrial garage floor carpet squares that can be used to make your garage look like a million!