Numark TTUSB Turntable with USB input

A USB turn table is one of the easiest and quickest ways to convert music from old 78s, LPs or 45s to digital formats like MP3 or WAV files. A new USB turn table is quick and easy to set up and the user is able to burn quality recordings straight into their computer in just minutes. There are many popular brands of record players on the market and it is important that all the best features of a traditional quality phonograph are represented in the new, high tech tables that are on the market today.

Features of a USB turn table

Some of the more popular brands of USB phonographs include Numark, Technics and Ion. Each table differs not only between brands but also between different models within each brand. It is important to remember what you will be using the table for to decide on the best features for you. Some basic features that should appear on any table include three speeds (45, 33 1/3 and 78) and it is very nice if the USB turn table also has pitch control. Many popular records from decades ago are slightly off speed and this allows for compensation. Many popular models also have a Gain to control the input level. This feature is useful to keep the recording level in a safe range. Other useful options include headphone jacks, input jacks for other devices and output jacks to listen to records on external speakers. If you get a table that also operates on batteries with an internal speaker than you have a great player to travel with.

Using a USB turn table

Many of the best selling models are plug-and-play right out of the box. The Numark line generally comes with a CD of software that is loaded onto a hard drive. The table is plugged into the computer's USB slot and also an electrical source. That is it! Then it is a matter of following the incredibly easy software and in just a few mouse clicks music is converted, loaded into iTunes and ready to be burned to disc or transferred to an iPod. Most of these record players offer advanced software to help eliminate noise and clicks, too. The amount of expertise needed is a bit more to use the more advance software, but the learning curve is not steep.

The ability to take a stash of old records and convert them to a highly portable format is very appealing. Many artists and recordings (especially regional artists) have never appeared on any format but vinyl. Using a USB turn table to transfer these recordings is like digging gold from a mine! Whether it is pop, psychedelic, country, blues, bluegrass, punk, rap, ska or classical, the chance to appreciate the music all over again makes a USB turn table a sound investment. Study the features and consider how indepth you plan to be with your audio manipulations. There should easily be a USB turn table under $200 that will more than suit your needs. You and your family will enjoy listening to the lost gems sitting in the closet or basement.