trendy poncho

Choosing and buying a Trendy Poncho

There are a few clothing outer garments that have captured the imagination like the poncho. You can thank the ancient people of the Andes for giving the world their traditional outer wear. Ponchos have been worn by armies serving in the military since the 1800. Poncho has endured the test of time and it is still very popular. There are ponchos for men, women and children. There are ponchos for those who love the outdoors and those who do not. You can safely say there is a poncho for everyone.

Choosing and buying a trendy poncho: The style factor

Once upon a time, wearing a poncho was functional. It was protecting yourself from the elements. That has not really changed but there is a new side to wearing poncho. It is about choosing and buying a stylish poncho. Today, poncho is about making a statement and looking warm and at the same time looking stylish. Designers have picked up on this fact that people are interested in buying trendy ponchos. That is why there are so many trendy ponchos to choose from. The trendiest ponchos are made with woman in mind. That can be seen by the styles available. The male ponchos are functional work oriented ponchos.

Choosing and buying a trendy poncho: Designer label

If you are looking for a really trendy poncho that oozes design, you should look at the Loro Piana Knit Poncho. This a trendy poncho that is not for those on minimum wage. This poncho will cost you a cool $2500. That is more than some people earn in a month. However, looking stylish in your trendy poncho has no price. If you can afford this elegant poncho picture above, you will be making a statement and saying, I've got taste. You can get this trendy poncho at

Not all trendy ponchos are that expensive. You can still buy some nice ponchos for a great price. There is the Cashmere plus size Ruana Poncho for $150 at This Ruana trendy poncho is cheaper but nonetheless, it will make you look good. It is often said that money cannot buy taste. However, with a little bit of dollars you can buy this cashmere trendy poncho.

Choosing and buying trendy poncho: functional ponchos for all

Apart from buying the trendy ponchos as mentioned above, there are the functional ponchos that you can buy as well. These types of ponchos are not that trendy but at least you will get good protection from the rain. These rain proof ponchos are often transparent and lightweight. The advantage of buy waterproof poncho in comparison to buying a normal raincoat is that you can cover any backpack you carry with you. Some ponchos can also be used as tents when you are not on the move.

For example, the Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Tarp Poncho will cost about $85. You can buy this functional poncho at Amazon, Moosejaw, MountainHighOutfitters and Backcountry.

Choosing and buying trendy poncho: Rain poncho for news journalists

Why would a journalist want to buy a poncho? Because it is raining and he still needs to get the news. This also shows the versatility of ponchos. There are ponchos that have been designed with news agents in mind. These ponchos cover the journalists and his equipments. You get to keep filming and at the same time you don't destroy your equipments. The Newswear Long Lens Rain Poncho for Nikon is a specially designed poncho for Nikon cameras. If you are serious about your job, you will be willing to pay $115 for this functional poncho.