Getting the right pair of mens sunglasses for the man in your life can be something that you need to do right , we all know how most men like to wear glasses that have style as well as protection, it seems once they try on a pair of sunglasses it transforms their whole character,and they may seem to act a little weird , as if by putting on a pair of shades makes them feel ultra cool. If you know your man well than you have a good advantage to what type of sunglasses would suite him, or what his preference would be if he were to choose a pair himself. Knowing these things will make your job a little easier when shopping for that someone special.

Go to a reputable store where you can have the option of choosing a wide variety of different pairs of sunglasses ask the shop assistant what type of brands they have available, and give them a little information on his preference and style, for me personally i like Armani sunglasses they have such a wide variety of super sleek glasses to choose from with the coolest styles but can be a little on the expensive side because your more or less buying the brand name more than the glasses themselves. For me I do tend to buy things by brand name , but hey that is my own personal preference. You may find that he may like just a simple pair of sun glasses or ones with a wide frame and lens, what ever the case try to imagine or picture him with his new pair of glasses , so according to you will he suit them?. There are also low cost sun glasses on the market that won't hurt you wallet a good pair can cost less than 20 bucks and come with sun protection.

See if the assistant will provide a case for the sunglasses it will make it that much special for him if it comes in a convenient case to protect them while he is not using them, also make sure they have a neck rope attached to them so he won't loose them. Ask the assistant what sort of protection the glasses offer in terms of UV from the sun, obviously being sunglasses they should almost come with some sort of UV protection so ask before you buy. In any case if you choose the wrong pair of sunglasses make sure to tell the shop assistant your situation and they may let you come back and choose another pair in this case keep the receipt handy. Men and sunglasses are like boys and their toys, but at the end of the day if they have a heart they will respect you no matter what you choose