Choosing Styles That Flatter a Plus Size Figure

  When you have a plus size figure, what styles work best for you?  How can you flatter your shape through clothing choices?  It's not all that difficult for the right styles to flatter your figure; this holds true no matter what your size.  One first step in determining what styles will best flatter your figure is to determine your body shape - what type of figure do you have?  Being a plus size does not mean not having a shape, or a figure!  All women, no matter what size they are, having a shape.  There are "apple" shapes, "pear" shapes, "hourglass" shapes, and "rectangle" shapes.  These are the most defined shapes.  Some people with an apple shape might not have such a pronounced shape that they actually look like an apple - but have the basic features of this shape.  That is, a bit more up top, rounder in the middle, and not as "hippy".  A "V" shape is close to this, with broad shoulders, a much bustier top and narrow hips.  The "V" shape is sometimes referred to as a "strawberry" shape.  Those with the pear shape will be larger in the bottom; smaller on top.  The hourglass shape is considered a near perfect shape if one is well proportioned.  There is a defined waistline between the bust and the hips.  A rectangular shape is the non curvy figure, almost board shaped.  Curves are almost nonexistent. 

  Once you have a basic assessment of your body shape, then it's time to figure out how best to flatter your curves or create curves, how to choose styles that will work well for your shape and figure, and how to minimize areas you want minimized so you can feel great and look terrific!  Once you know what styles work best for your body shape, you can buy the trendiest of plus size clothing in those styles and appear up to date and fashionable in your clothing choices. 

  Let's start with the hourglass shape - one of the easiest to clothe in flattering and stylish plus size fashions.  Skip the straight style cut dresses and skirts; they'll hide your shape and the outfit will look binding and unflattering on your figure.  You have equally or nearly equal proportions on your bust and hips, with a defined waistline.  Showcase your curves!  For the upper body, V neck or scoop necklines, with or without a layering cami, work well on you.  Wearing a top with buttons?  Unbutton the top two buttons for a flattering look.  Buy plus size dresses with fitted waists; belts are a plus here.  This will keep your figure well defined, placing emphasis on  your curves.  Wrap style dresses work well for you, too; again, flattering your curves and keeping your waistline intact.  Boot cut and wide leg pants work to keep your figure well proportioned to the eye.  Choose pants without extra embellishments such as cargo pockets; they'll add "extra" to your hips rather than keep you well proportioned in appearance.  A- line skirts and dresses that fall to the knee are also figure flattering for you. 

  For the "apple" shape figure, styles that work well for you include those that give you a waistline where you have none.  Being rounder in the middle doesn't mean you can't show off a waistline; you just need to create one.  You also want to highlight your assets, whether it be great legs or a nice bust.  Draw attention to those areas when choosing your outfits.  Light layers, along with tops long enough to fall to the hips, create a flattering look for apple type shapes.  Steer clear of the bulky sweaters and jackets which will only serve to make you appear heavier in the middle.  V neck tops work well for you, especially if they have some embellishments around the neckline.  Avoid these same embellishments around the bottom of the tops you choose.  Longer bootcut jeans with a bit of stretch will give a curve to your hips.  A- line style dresses and skirts are a good pick, with wrap style dresses giving you a waistline.  Bias cut skirts are also a good choice.  When buying coats and jackets, go for ones that at least fall to the hips in length.   These styles will flatter your figure and give you a shape without adding extra bulk to the middle.

  The "pear" shape - heavier on the bottom; narrow in the chest, can enhance a figure by focusing on the top.  Large collars, sleeves, and bright colors and prints work well on tops for you, bringing balance to your figure.  Square necks are good, too. Darker pants work best on the pear shaped figure; make sure the material is not too thin or they'll appear too clingy and further emphasize the larger hips and butt.  A medium weight is good in pants, preferably material with a bit of stretch, and make sure the pants are long enough to slenderize your legs and hips.  When looking for denim go with stretch jeans.  Don't choose dresses with "big" bottoms such as those with lots of ruffles or flounce; this will only make your hips appear wider.  An embellished bodice, though, will give you a waistline and help to balance your top with your bottom. Wide lapels and padded shoulders on jackets and coats will also help proportion out your top.

  The non-curvy shape - the "rectangular" shape comes next.  This is also called an "athletic" shape.  Broad shoulders and square silhouettes define this shape.  Often you have long legs and arms, which are perfect for stylish clothing choices.  Lack of a defined waist is basically all that keeps you from having curves around your hips; this can easily be rectified with belts or fashions that have a defined waistline.  Plus size skirts with volume can also do the trick.  Plus size stylish halter necks, slash necks, spaghetti straps - all look good on you.  Bias cut dresses and all skirt styles work well.  You can wear the "skinny leg" jeans or pants with embellishments around the hips to bring out a curve that will flatter.  Plus size tailored or flared coats and jackets work well in giving you curves when you decide on plus size outerwear.

  A V shape figure - sometimes called a "strawberry" shape - bigger up top; narrower in the hips, needs outfits that bring out the hips to keep your shape appearing well proportioned.  This is almost the opposite of the pear shape.  You can wear the bright colors on pants and skirts, with full cut skirts and wide leg trousers to bring out a curve in your hips.  V neck tops are a good choice.  Remember to bring attention downward when dressing, so the emphasis is on your bottom half, rather than top.

 Once you have determined your body shape, and what type of clothing works well on you, you can find trendy, stylish clothing that will flatter your figure and body shape.  Some plus size stores even offer online tips for finding good current styles for your body type.  You can find online stores that sell plus size clothing according to your specific body shape, and soon you'll be dressing in stylish plus size clothing that is flattering to your particular figure.