Choosing the best active senior community should be a process that begins well before a new living arrangement is needed. The lifestyle, activities and games, trips and cost are all factors to consider when seeking an active senior community in which to live. Increasingly, seniors are more active and each generation is more restless and thirsty for adventure than the one before it. The Baby Boomers will test the limits of even the best active senior community due to their sheer numbers. The same living choices that made Baby Boomers active members of society in the past will continue on in the future. Seniors no longer wish to find a place to go to die, but rather a secured, active environment where they can continue to truly live. The days of casting an aging member of society adrift on an ice floe are over! Today's senior is more likely to be ice fishing in Alaska than seeking the comfort of a warm bed.

Lifestyle in an active senior community

Active senior community in motionSeniors wanting to remain active should consider the unique lifestyle that is promoted by a senior oriented development. Are meals and housekeeping covered? What about yard work? Are there green spaces and parks for active socializing? Are the individual housing units isolated or designed to encourage interaction? Senior citizens have toiled most of their lives and the retirement years should be as stress free and lively as possible. Communities that offer support and help with some of the more mundane tasks of living can free up time for more active pursuits that maintain vitality and good mental health.

Activities and games in an active senior community

Within the community itself, activities should be regularly scheduled and varied enough to please each segment of the population living with the community. Some seniors are more energetic and robust and things like exercise classes, line dancing, sporting activities and outdoor games will be useful in maintaining a fit body and mind. For those who are not as strong or with mild physical impairments, less strenuous activities are still eagerly anticipated. Games and activities like bingo, arts and crafts, walking or classes that teach yoga, cooking, painting or even gardening still go a long way to providing a senior with activities to promote a feeling of youthfulness and continued self-worth. A top-notch active senior community will offer many comparable games and activities and both of these types of offerings can be researched through community newsletters, talking to current staff or residents, and even online.

Active senior community trips

The best senior communities are not isolated ones. Years ago, senior were hustled into retirement homes and shut away from society. Many of today's seniors have spent years traveling the globe in their adult years and have no desire to slow down now. Senior residences that offer the opportunity for travel are among the most sought out. From group trips arranged to promote international travel to regional trips to nearby casinos or concert venues, getting out and about is important for strong physical and mental health. There are great local stops for seniors to attend as well. Places like museums, farmers' markets, shopping malls, bingo halls, sporting events or local festivals all help to remind a retiree that they are only retired from work--not life! The world continues beyond the space of the senior community and the residents should continue to explore and enjoy life beyond the confines of their retirement home.

Cost of an active senior community

Many of the best active senior retirement homes are also affordable. Ones that focus on strong trip and travel choices can be on an ala carte basis. If a senior wants to pay and participate that is fine, but if he wishes to stay at home or save money that month then he has that choice as well. The cost for the actual living and staffing can vary greatly depending upon location, amenities, and other factors. It is best to explore and understand what activities are included in the standard monthly fees and which ones are on an additional cost basis. Seniors will experience health issues from time to time and if a facility is pay-as-you-go then this will be more beneficial financially over the long-term. Some low income assisted living facilities can still provide activities at an affordable cost.

The best choice for an active senior community is one that is vibrant, fun and full of people that still have a zest for life. The staff should encourage activities, socializing, and interaction not only with other residents but society at large. Facilities should offer a wide range of games and activities but also allow traveling opportunities beyond the boundaries of the retirement community. The cost should be structured to allow a resident to pick and choose their choices and participate on a strictly volunteer basis. A great active senior community is best recognized by realizing that it does not have to look and act like a retirement community at all! Healthy, active seniors can lead full and rich lives and enjoy the same things they did throughout their adulthood. They just need to be given the proper environment that nurtures growth and continued development.