The sport of bass fishing has grown considerably with millions of new anglers hitting the waters each and every day, in places all across the world. To them, there's simply nothing better than heading out early in the morning eagerly awaiting the anticipation of catching their favorite fish.

For many anglers, bass are the one type fish to seek out the most, as they're hard fighters and can be found in most places, and in a variety of types and sizes. The equipment you'll need will depend on where and how you'll be fishing, but the basics to bring are of course the rods and reels, as well as plenty of jigs or bass fishing lures.

It's helpful to know that not every type of lure is suitable for every type of water. In some places, you'll want to use bigger, brighter lures that easily attract the bass fish, whereas other waters that may be a different color will require the use of smaller, darker lures.

It's best to have a variety of lures in your own tackle box so you'll be prepared for fishing in any type of waters, and for any type of fish. Don't be afraid to experiment, as often times the lures we least expect to work will land us the biggest catch of the day!

As you would expect, larger bass fishing lures are more appropriate for catching the largemouth variety of the fish. One particular type known as a "popper" that is used by casting, and then reeling in across the top of the water, has proved to be an effective type of lure for largemouth bass.

The fish mistake the lure for another fish appearing to be in some type of distress, always a vulnerable state to be in, especially for a fish, and then attacks thinking it has just landed its next meal. Many fishermen make their own poppers using a brightly colored piece of balsa wood, which will float atop the water.

If you've tried with no luck using one type of lure in the same waters, your best chances of success would be to try other bass fishing lures that may be more appealing to the fish for some reason.

Of course, there's always the possibility that the fish just aren't feeding at this time, in which case, the type of lure you're using is, unfortunately, pretty irrelevant.