Bed rest pillows are popular with lots of people, from college students who want to use them in their dorm pillows to people who are on bed rest to anyone who enjoys reading a book or watching TV while in their bedroom. There are several varieties available so it shouldn't be too hard to find one that suits your needs. There are simple ones that are cheap and work great. There are also ones that are adjustable but they cost more. Here is an overview of some of the most popular bed rest pillows and the pros and cons of each.

Brentwood Originals

Brentwood Bed Rest PillowIf you are looking for the cheapest bed rest pillow, go with the Brentwood Original. It costs less than $20 so it is affordable for anyone. Even though it is cheap, it is still good quality. It maintains an average rating of over four and a half stars on Amazon. This meets the needs of most people.

It isn't perfect, however. It doesn't have a removable cover that can be washed, so it will need to be spot cleaned if you spill something on it. It works well when you lean against it because it is quite sturdy. Unfortunately it makes it more difficult to store.

Brentwood Poodle Bed Rest Pillow

Brentwood Poodle Bed Rest PillowIf you want something a bit cheerier, check out the Brentwood Poodle. It is quite similar to the original except that its surface is a fuzzy polyester instead of cotton. It comes in fun colors such as pink, lilac, turquoise, and lime.

Adults can use it, but it is a bit smaller than the Original model. It is the ideal gift for any tween, teen, or college student. They'll be able to study on their bed in comfort instead of bent over a desk for hours. It only cost a few dollars more than the Brentwood Original bed rest pillow.

Bedlounge Adjustable Bed Rest Pillow

Bedlounge Bed Rest PillowBrentwood makes a good product, but many people want more from their bed rest pillows. If you are looking for something that is adjustable, look at the Bedlounge. It has a defined headrest so your back, neck, and head are all supported. The armrests are also well-defined.

It has several features that are missing from the Brentwood models. For one, both the lumbar pillow and headrest adjust so you are always getting the right amount of support. It is filled with feather down and foam. It has a pocket to hold books or magazines. The fabric slipcover can be removed and washed.

The only negative of the Bedlounge adjustable bed rest pillow is the price. It costs over $100. Because of that it isn't a good choice for college students or people who are only looking for occasional support. It is best for people who spend a lot of time sitting up in bed.

Bed rest pillows are a great addition to any home. They quickly pay for themselves in comfort. Since there are so many options at so many prices, take the time to decide what you are looking for in a product before you buy.